Being a Kodi user, we install and try out lots of kodi addons to watch our favorite programs like movies, TV shows, sports, anime, cartoon, live TV and much more. But due to the sudden copyright strikes some of the popular kodi addons are forced to call off overnight. So we end up searching for other alternative kodi addons. There is always a search for the best kodi addons that actually works.

Here at kodiforu, we regularly keep posting the installation guide and review for various kodi addons. But over the time, some of these kodi addons won’t work because of some issues. So our site visitors started to report that these kodi addons are not working or getting some errors.

In order to put a full stop to this issue, we decided to create one masterpiece article which contains a list of 100 best kodi addons on various categories. The main motive of this article is to ensure that all the kodi addons listed here work perfectly.

As there are thousands of kodi addons available over the internet, filtering the 100 best kodi addons was the biggest challenge that we faced. It took over 15 days for us to compile this masterpiece article of 100 best kodi addons for our Kodiforu users.

100 Best Kodi addons of 2019

Best kodi addons 2018


This section contains the list of 100 best kodi addons on different categories like anime, cartoon, documentaries, games, movies, live IPTV, fitness, sports, programs, news and regional. The total length of this article exceeds over 15000+ words. If you are interested in reading the entire list of 100 kodi addons then its well and good. If not, you can quickly navigate to your desired section.

Use the table of content provided below to easily navigate to your desired kodi addon section.

If you are not sure about the installation of Kodi addon, then view our kodi addon installation guide section at the end of this article.

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In order to ease your work of installing the kodi addons, we have created a massive table containing the kodi addon name, addon category, repo name and repo URL. You can search for your desired addon from the table and install it using the repo URL given.

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Important Notice: Before proceeding to the 100 best kodi addons, you need to understand that these streaming addons for Kodi are geo-restricted. Means these kodi addons will stream the content only for specific countries. Also streaming these copyrighted materials is quite risky. So in order to ensure your privacy and unblock all the kodi addons, we strongly suggest you to install VPN like IPVanish. With the use of IPVanish, you can easily switch to the IPs of different countries and stream those content without any errors. Sign up for IPVanish by clicking on the link below.

Without wasting much of your time, let us now get into the main part of this article.

Best kodi addons for sports

Sports is an activity that involves physical exertion and it also provides energy. For some of the people, Sports is a profession and for the rest its a passion. Some of them will enjoy playing the sport whereas others enjoy watching the sport. If you are into the second category, then this section is for you. Here we will be sharing some of the best kodi sports addons for watching live sports and also its highlights. Though there are many sports across the world, in this section we will be sharing some of the best sports among the kodi users. So navigate to your favorite sports and enjoy watching them on kodi.

The list of all kodi addons for sports and its Repo Name & URL is shared in the below table. It will be easy for you to install the desired kodi sports addon on your device.

Sports AddonsCategoryRepo NameRepo URL
SportsdevilLive sportsKodil
Boom!Live sportsBoom
Sports WorldLive SportsKodil
QuantumLive SportsSanctuary
Project DAll SportsProject D
Rising TidesAll SportsRising Tides
Football ReplaysFootballNoobsandnerds
Football TodayFootballKodil
MD Sports ExtraFootballKodil
Planet MMABoxing, UFCSupremacy
Auto ManiaRacingNAdownload zip
Extreme SportsRacingiluminati
Revved upRacingNoobsandnerds
AMA Pro RacingRacingTeam KodiDefault
Ares MotorsportsRacingKodil
NBA League PassBasket BallTeam KodiDefault
MLB.TVBaseballTeam KodiDefault
Golfing WorldGolfSlims Repo
Rugby PassRugbyMatthuisman

Best Kodi addons for live sports & highlights

Here we are going to share some of the best kodi addons for streaming live sports.


sportsdevil kodi addon

We would say Sportsdevil is the God Father of the Kodi sports addons. Because most of the other kodi sports addons are developed based on the Sportsdevil Framework. Sportsdevil is well known for streaming the live sports events. But the true fact is that Sportsdevil also streams some of the popular Live TV Channels across the world which also includes Sports channels. It fetches the streaming sources from various hosts across the internet and streams them over Kodi. Now we will guide you to make the best out of Sportsdevil. Just follow reading the upcoming para…

Once you have opened the Sportsdevil addon you will find options like Favorites, Blogs, Highlights, Live Sports, Sports TV and Live TV. Don’t try opening the first three options because you would end up with some annoying pop up errors. So directly go to the fourth option which is Live Sports and click on it. Now it will list out some of the live streaming providers.

We would suggest you to first try out because they provide good service and the streaming links are active most of the time. Once you have selected you will find the list of sports. Select the desired sports and then you will find the list of active live matches. If you click on that it will start streaming the match. If that didn’t workout try out the other live streaming services listed by Sportsdevil. If you are still facing errors, then read the next para.

Web request failed and no stream available – These are the two most annoying sportsdevil error which you would find popping up. Well, there could be two major reasons for these errors.

  • The very first reason is your IP address. The hosts who stream those live videos will restrict access to a specific country. Once you have changed your IP using VPN like IPVanish you can watch these live videos. From my experience, most of the live videos stream well from the United States IP. In our case, we too have repeatedly faced Web request failed error. Then we have connected to Newyork IP using IPVanish. After that, the match started streaming well. So VPN is the key to successful live streaming of sports on kodi.
  • Though the first method can fix such errors, there are rare cases where the streaming servers would face a heavy traffic load. So they would end up popping up Web request failed error.

That’s about watching live sports on Kodi using Sportsdevil addon. Not only sports, we can also enjoy watching Live TV Channels of different countries under the Live TV option in Sportsdevil.


boom kodi sports addon

Boom – as the name says this kodi addon came as a boom after the takedown of some of the popular kodi sports addon. Boom is one of the best kodi addons for live streaming sports channels and matches. It is available in their own Boom repository. They are streaming the files from their own private servers. So you can expect maximum uptime for their streaming.

NOTE: If you want to stream the channels without any error, then we highly recommend you to connect to the Newyork server. Because we found the videos streaming well from Newyork. To change your connection to Newyork IP, you need some VPN services like IPVanish.

Let us now quickly have a look at the options available in the Boom kodi addon.

  • Football: Here you can find only the links to live football matches. The links will be updated 20 minutes prior to the match. They follow GMT timing for all the matches. Old matches are not available here.
  • Boxing/ MMA: In this section, we can watch the latest boxing, UFC, and MMA matches. You can also find the highlights of the last ended match.
  • Motorsport: Links are not available here.
  • Acestream sports: It contains the list of all the acestream channels and matches.
  • Channels: This is the best part of Boom addon. You can watch all the popular sports channels here without any buffering. The streaming quality is comparatively good.
  • Other sports: It includes other sports matches which are streaming across the world.

Sports World

sports world kodi addon

After opening Sports world kodi addon, we too have thought it is a dump addon. Because while selecting Sports Channels, it didn’t even open anything. It was just blank. Then we made a query in a kodi forum. Then people suggested to try opening with a different IP. As per their advice, we connected our router to Newyork IP using IPVanish.

Now the magic suddenly happened. On clicking the Sports Channel it started fetching the active streaming links one by one. After few minutes of scraping it listed over 40+ sports channels. Then all these channels started streaming well. One best thing about Sports World kodi addon is that it scrapes the fresh working links of streaming servers. So the chance of getting an error is very less. Hope this addon helps you to watch live sports on kodi.


quantum kodi addon

Quantum is an all in one kodi addon from the Sanctuary Repository. It contains may folders and subfolders. You will find it like an endless maze while browsing this kodi addon. You would probably lose the interest in this addon if you try opening each and every folder. Because many of the links are showing the “Check log for more information” error.

But don’t worry. We are going to help you out! If you want to stream live sports on kodi then follow this path: Live TV -> Fido Live -> Live Now -> Live Now – Sports

The above path is the one that worked well while we tested. You may consider checking out other links on different paths as well.

Project D

project D

Project D is another best kodi addons for live sports with a good collection of sports videos. After opening the Project D kodi addon you can find some categories like Baseball, Basketball, Formula 1, Football, Moto GP, NFL, NHL, NCAA, Rugby, Supercars, Supercross, Superbowl and UFC. There are also other categories like Animation, Documentaries and PD Movies. The streaming quality is good. Some of the videos require olpair stream authorization. Once done, we can enjoy watching our favorite shows with Project D kodi addon.

Rising Tides

rising tides kodi addon

Rising Tides is another great kodi addon for live sports which works based on the Sportsdevil. The links in rising tides are well updated regularly. Apart from live streaming, they also provide separate links for highlights. This is an added advantage because we can watch the old favorite matches easily. Rather watching the full match, highlights are much better right?! 😉

So here is what you can find in the rising tides kodi addon.

  • Football highlights
  • Country Channels
  • Sports Channels
  • Acestream Channels
  • Live All Sports
  • Live PPV Events
  • IPTV Heaven
  • Scrapers Sports

Most of the links are working well. While clicking on some links you need to wait at least 10 seconds for the streaming to start loading.

Best Kodi addons for football

Football Replays

football replays

Football replays is the one of the kodi addons for sports built only for the streaming the football matches. The interface of this addon is pretty simple and anyone can easily search for the desired matches easily. With this addon, you can watch full matches and highlights. Unfortunately, live football matches are not available. If you want to watch football live on kodi then try out the best kodi addons for live sports shared above. Football replays includes some of the following options…

  • Full matches
  • Highlights
  • Find a Team
  • Pick a league
  • Upcoming matches

Hope you will enjoy using Football replays kodi addon. If you are not satisfied then try the following kodi addons for football 😉

Football Today

football today

Football Today is almost similar to Football Replays, but here you will find more categories. Some of the categories which are unique from Football replays are Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1, Eredivise, UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League. The links are streaming well as usual. By chance if it asks for stream authorization, then go to the corresponding URL and pair your IP address.

MD Sports Extra

MD Sports Extra

Though MD Sports Extra kodi addon is not much satisfying with the live streaming of football, it has got some special features. The following lists are some of the features that grabbed our attention…

  • Live Scores
  • Tables
  • Goals of the week
  • News Vids

Best kodi addons for UFC, PPV and Boxing

If you are interested in watching live PPV of UFC or Boxing events on kodi, then you may consider checking out the live kodi sports addons shared above. For your ease, we would first advice you to check out Sportsdevil, Deliverance, Pac 12 Pro, cCloud TV, UK Turk Playlists and Sports World.

If you are concerned about watching the highlights or full matches of these UFC, Boxing and MMA matches, then here is the special kodi addon for you.

Planet MMA

Planet MMA Kodi PPV addon

As the name says, Planet MMA is a kodi addon that contains a Planet of all MMA sports videos. You may find many options after opening Planet MMA. The following are the ones you should first check out…

  • Fight Night Live
  • UFC Fight Night
  • MMA Fight Night
  • DK Picks
  • UFC Openload
  • MMA Openload
  • TUF Openload
  • BJJ Events
  • Fighters Collection
  • Contender Series
  • Born to fight
  • Fight Motion

Planet MMA kodi addon has the working links and also has got a full database of content. Say if you open UFC fight night, you would find the list of all the UFC fights till date. Sounds great right?! Quickly install Planet MMA kodi addon and enjoy watching your favorite UFC PPV and boxing events.

Best kodi addons for Racing

In this subsection of best kodi addons for sports, we will be covering some of the best addons that are meant for racing. The list goes as follows…

Auto Mania

auto mania

Auto Mania is the best kodi addon among the other racing addons because of its huge list of videos. Most of the categories have got a minimum of 100 videos. Some of the categories like Motor Cycle USA and Kman’s ultimate drag racing exceeds 1000+ videos. The best part of this addon is that they are updating it regularly. We can find all the season of races being updated in this addon. Here we are listing out some of the best racing videos available in Auto Mania kodi addon.

  • Top Gear
  • Le Mans Story
  • Indycar
  • Motorcycle USA
  • IMSA Official
  • AMA Pro Racing
  • KMan’s Ultimate Drag Racing Channel
  • Motor Trend Channel
  • Goodwood Road and Racing
  • Pimp my ride
  • Race World TV

Extreme Sports

extreme sports kodi addon

Extreme sports is one of the best kodi addons for sports that feature racing. It has a great collection of addons from various racing events. Extreme sports kodi addon is well categorized in such a way that you can easily navigate to your favorite sports. Some of the interesting sports available are listed below…

  • Redbull signature series
  • Drag Racing
  • Bodyboarding
  • Rally X
  • Free climbing
  • Ice Speedway
  • Kite Surfing
  • Jet ski
  • Powerboat
  • Motor X
  • Mountain Climbing
  • Mountain Biking
  • Snowboarding
  • Wakeboarding
  • Extreme flix
  • Mountain Boarding
  • Dog Sled
  • Steph Curry

Revved up

revved up kodi addon

Revved up kodi addon is built exclusively for the NASCAR lovers. Yes, this addon mainly covers all the important matches and events of NASCAR. They have also added a new section named Live Events which is under construction. Hopefully, we can watch the upcoming NASCAR seasons live on the Revved up kodi addon. There is also a special section named Tech Talk where you can find all the videos of the important NASCAR events like accidents and crashes. The addon also includes the section like Sprint Cup Recap and Xfinity Recap for watching the highlights.

AMA Pro Racing

ama pro racing

Ama Pro Racing is an official kodi addon for sports from the team kodi. This addon mainly features the racing events like Motocross and Supercross.

On opening the Motocross folder you may find three subfolders like

  • Full Motos on Demand – Includes Motocross highlights from 2013
  • Videos on Demand – Contains event highlights, Full Motos, Highlight Recaps, Must see moments, onboard footage, pre-race show and track maps
  • Race Day Live Stream – You will find the active link for live streaming only during the event.

On opening the Supercross folder you can find the Race day live and it’s Archive. It also includes the supercross youtube channel with the popular videos and playlists.

Ares Motorsports

ares motorsports

We all know that ares wizard and ares repo is not available because of few issues. But you can still install them through the Kodil repository. Ares Motorsports is really a super cool kodi addon which has a huge database of racing events. You can even find the racing events of 1960s. Sounds interesting right?! But the thing is Ares is no longer updating these addons. Still, if you are interested in watching the highlights of the most popular racing events, then ares motorsports will best fit for you. Let us list out some of the major categories you can find in Ares Motorsports addon.

  • Banger Racing Documentaries
  • Brisca Stock Car Racing
  • Vintage Racing
  • MotoGP Mixed
  • Motorsports Mixture
  • Motorcycle Speedway
  • Eldora Speedway and Sprint car racing
  • Ivan Mauger Various
  • Jay Leno’s Garage Classics
  • Motorcycle Stunt Riding
  • Extreme Sport and Red Bull Videos
  • Best Motorsport Finishes
  • 1960’s and 1970’s Classic Grand Prix
  • Ferrari videos
  • Lamborghini videos
  • F1 Full Races
  • Supercars

Best Kodi addons for hockey


NHL is the best kodi addon that is built exclusively for hockey. It can be installed from the Superrepo. On opening the NHL kodi addon you may find the following folders…

  • Under this folder, you will find a huge list of subfolders containing a variety of videos related to NHL. You may consider checking the following sections like Most Popular, Game highlights, Viral Video, Great Saves, Plays of the week, On the bench and Hall of Fame.
  • Fox Sports: Contains a list of few videos based on NHL.
  • NBC Sports: This subfolder also contains similar updates about NHL.
  • All Teams: Here we can find the list of popular teams in hockey and their match info.

Best Kodi addons for Basketball

NBA League Pass

nba league pass kodi addon

When it comes to basketball, NBA is what everyone thinks about. With that being said, NBA League Pass is an official addon for Kodi from the actual developers of Kodi. To access NBA league pass kodi addon you should get a league pass. Don’t worry it’s not going to cost you much. Either you can buy it for 1 year (cost saving) or try out with a monthly subscription. Once you have got the league passes you can update them in the addon settings.

Let’s now take a quick look at what’s inside this kodi addon.

  • Live Games – List out the NBA matches that are live.
  • Archive – Contains the list of all the matches from 2012. You can even filter them based on the specific dates 😉
  • NBA TV Live – Watch the NBA TV live for 24 * 7
  • Video – It includes some of the important match events like highlights and top plays.
  • Favorite team’s games – Here you can set your favorite team’s games and watch them anytime.

Note: If you are looking for some free alternative, then sorry for that. There are no such alternative available currently. For your information, NBA on demand was one of the third party kodi addon to watch NBA for free but it is no longer available because of the takedown of the colossus repository.

Best Kodi addons for Baseball


mlb tv kodi addon

If you want to watch baseball legally then MLB.TV is the best kodi addon. MBL is an official kodi addon from the team kodi. In order to access this addon, you first need an account in MLB. Once you have signed up for the account, you have to update the username and password in the addon settings.

Once done, open the addon. The interface is pretty simple. You would probably find only 3 options that are Today’s Game, Yesterday’s Game, and Goto Date. If you want to watch a particular match, then you can select the Goto Date option and search the preferred date.

Best Kodi addons for Golf

Golfing World

golfing world

Golfing world is one of the third party sports addon for golf from the Slims Repository. Golfing world addon works based on the Sportsdevil addon and f4mtester. So if you want watch Golf on Golfing world kodi addon, then make sure you installed Sportsdevil and f4mtester. The following options could be found after opening the golfing world addon.

  • Live Golf
  • Youtube Golf Channels
  • Golfs Greatest Moments
  • Golf Documentaries
  • Player Archives

You can explore these folders yourselves and enjoy watching golf on kodi.

Best kodi addons for Rugby

Rugby Pass

rugby pass kodi addon

Rugby Pass is one of the best kodi addon which is meant for Rugby. You may download it from the Matthuisman repository. Rugby pass is the official live Rugby online streaming partner and news portal. You just need to get a Rugby pass to access this kodi addon. Once you have got the passes open the addon and update your username (email) and password. Let’s take a quick look at the Rugbypass Kodi addon.

The user interface is pretty simple. You will find only four options that are live, upcoming, played and login. You first need to select login and authenticate your account. Then open the other folders and browse for your favorite matches.

These are some of the best kodi addons for sports. Let us now check out some of the best kodi movies addons.

Best kodi addons for movies

Here comes the heart of this article. The undying popularity of the Kodi us mainly due to the fact that, the user can stream movies in it. Most of the user primarily use Kodi for streaming movies. There are hundreds of addon for streaming movies on Kodi. All these addons are third-party addons, so these addons are subjected to copyright infringements. So if any copyright infringement occurs any addon may go down without warning. So you have to constantly update your knowledge regarding the working addons time to time. We have tested some of the Kodi addons. We have provided a list of working Kodi addons.

Refer to the below table for easy installation of best kodi movie addons.

Movies AddonRepo NameRepo URL
CovenantKodil Repo
ExodusKodil Repo
Neptune risingBalmo Repo
Genesis rebornJesus Box Repo
placentaBalmo Repo
Falcon projectAJ repo
The HubBrettus Build Repo
Big Star moviesSuper Repo
RebirthCypher Locker Repo
Strictly HDSpinz TV Repo
FantasticKodil Repo
CrypticAJ repo
Project Mmerlin repo
MetalliQ noobs and nerds repo
EyassesAJ repo



The shutdown of ares repository and colossus repository are the best example of copyright infringements. So always we must have some alternative to watch our favorite content on kodi. Covenant has acquired the top position because its performance is the main factor to keep covenant in the top. Covenant Kodi addon was developed by team covenant and available in the kodil repository. The categorization is pretty simple and the interface is user-friendly. In addition to that, it has a  lot of advanced features like setting up an IMDB user account to unlock hidden contents.

Covenant contents are categorized into 

  • Movies
  • Tv shows
  • New movies
  • New episodes
  • Channels
  • Tools
  • search
  • My movies & My TV shows
Movies and Tv shows are further categorized based on the genres, year, languages, most popular, most voted and lots more. It has overall search option and category wise search option. Without a doubt, the covenant is the best Kodi addon to watch movies and TV shows. Generally, My movies and My TV shows don’t have any contents. You have to add the IMDB user account to access the hidden content. By accessing these hidden content you will have tons of movies and TV shows.



Exodus is the evergreen Kodi addon. Recently it has some issue however, it bounced back and regained its top position. This shows that the exodus is unstoppable. We can still enjoy exodus to its fullest. Its available in the kodil repository. The new exodus has some cool updates. It categorizes the videos based on its quality like 720 px, 480 px, etc… Previously this feature is available in the covenant. Now exodus also acquired that. The contents are classified as 

  • Movies
  • TV shows
  • New movies
  • Channels
  • Tools
  • Search
These are further classified into lots of subcategories. We can also install exodus from exodus repository.

Neptune rising

neptune rising

Neptune rising seems one of the most promising kodi addons for movies. This addon was developed by Mr.Balmo and available in Balmo repository. The interface is pretty similar to the Covenant. But the content is more than the covenant. This addon is just a masterpiece. Neptune rising Kodi addon has categorized its content into 

  • Movies
  • Tv shows
  • Top movies
  • Playlists
  • IMDB user lists
  • Critters corner
  • What the fork?
  • My Movies & Tv shows
  • Tools
  • Search
Movies and TV shows are further classified into Genres, years, theatre, Oscar winners, in theatre, and great directors. It has totally 3 search features likely overall search, category wise search, and content specific search. And the best part is, there are no hidden settings to access IMDB user accounts contents. You can directly access from IMDB user lists. It will open the door to 54 new sections. The IMDB contents were mesmerizing. In critters corner section it has 100 best of various 18 categories. Under what the fork section you can find anticipated, most played, most watched movies. If you are an advanced user, you can find custom streams options under tools.

Genesis reborn

genesis reborn

Genesis reborn Kodi addon has been a reliable source for quite some time. Genesis reborn is the rival of the exodus. This addon was developed by JP Hightech and available in Jesus box repository. The downfall of Exodus was a good opening for Genesis, but unfortunately, it was taken by covenant. Genesis reborn doesn’t have any special feature. It has a good collection of movies, TV shows, and some channels. These three categories are subcategorized into 

  • Trending
  • Genre
  • Years
  • People
  • Popular
  • Ratings
The source fetching speed is comparatively fast. And the only standard link is displayed, not working links are automatically removed. This addon also has the same content as the covenant. So it may act as a replacement for the covenant Kodi addon.



The placenta Kodi addon was developed by team Afterbirth and available in the balmo repository. Placenta Kodi addon is so much similar to Neptune rising since it was developed by the same person. And both of these addons are giving an unparallel performance. The performance and interface are similar to covenant Kodi addon.

  • Movies
  • Tv shows
  • New movies
  • New episodes
  • Channels
  • Tools
  • search
  • My movies & My TV shows
All these categories are again subcategorized into new, trending, popular, most viewed, genres, year and lots more. You can also see the movie depends on the rating. It has most of the feature of covenant and Neptune rising Kodi addon. Its content is good. During our testing, we played random movies and TV shows. All of them are working good. You can also add public IMDb account, so you can watch customized contents in my movies and TV shows.

Falcon Project

Is there any addon to play movies with single click?. At one point or the other, most of us may wonder about this. We were also wondering about the same thing. Falcon project Kodi addon is the answer to our quest. Falcon project was one of the very few addons which play movies and Tv shows with a single click. We were amazed by its performance. This addon was developed by AJ and available in AJ repository. During our testing, we checked 10 random movies. Out of these 9 were working perfectly. The other was a movie from 1920. Falcon project has a huge collection of movies ranging from classic to popular movies. And this huge database is categorized into 

  • years (1920 – present)
  • IMDB top 1000
  • language
Though the sources of this addon are not clear, It plays movies in few seconds. It has inbuilt maintenance tool, to clear cache. So frequently clear addon cache to get better performance. It also has an overall search option. Now you can find and play your favourite movie in seconds.

The Hub

In recent times, brettus builds are providing some promising addons. The Hub Kodi addon is the creation of Ozzy and available in brettus builds repository. Really this addon is the HUB. Because we can all the other addons from this addons, though sometimes you need to install additional addons. Streaming movies working perfectly fine with this addons. It has a huge collection of 

  • latest movies
  • 3D movies
  • Ultra HD 4K movies
  • Nemesis movies
  •  Anime-planet
  • Documentary freak
  • karaoke night
  • Live TV & Lots more
Brettus repository had integrated their addons. So the user can access the other addons from the main addon. Through the HUB Kodi addon, you can access the contents of other addons in its repository.  You can also watch PPV sports from this addon. It also has an overall search option. Totally it has 26 categories, to fulfill all your media needs.

Big star movies

big star movies

This is an yet another addon to watch TV shows and movies exclusively. This addon was developed by Metal Chris and available in the super repository. Its huge database has divided in 36 categories. It includes 

  • Award-winning
  • Most popular
  • Action & adventure
  • animals/pet
  • TV episodes
  • Biography
  • comedy
  • Drama
  • Sci-Fi and fantasy
  • Educational and lots more
And the best part is, it will play all the movies and TV without any authorization. It will automatically select the best stream. The content of this addon is not up to date. It’s somewhat lacking behind when compared with other addons. The quality of the content is in very good. If they speed up their uploads process. Big star movies will move to the top.



Rebirth is an all in one movie and TV shows addon. When compared to other addons, its organizing pattern is much better. Its content is categorized into 

  • Movies
  • TV shows
  • Top movies
  • Tools
All these are further categorized into genre, years, rating, TV now, holiday movies, trending movies, popular movies, box office hits, Oscar movies. You can access advanced options from the tools menu. It also has an inbuilt search option.

strictly HD

strictly HD

If you are the one to watch movies and videos only in HD. Then add strictly HD Kodi addon to your collection. It streams movies only in HD quality. Its contents are organized under 3 categories 

  • Trending
  • Popular
  • Genres
Like other addons it also has an overall search option. Generally, the streams are available in 1080p and 720p. Compared to other addons the content is limited. It would be great if they include 3D movies to the list. Hoping for this in the next update. This addon was developed by Luciferon Kodi and available in Spinz TV  repository.



Fantastic Kodi addon is a replica of covenant Kodi addon. Starting from the categorization till fetching source link. All the process are an absolute replica of the covenant. If you are facing any issue with the covenant, you may try fantastic Kodi addon. There is nothing special about this addon. IMDB user account content can be accessed from this addon also. This addon was developed by firestickplus man and available in kodil repository and firestickplus man addon repository.



Cryptic Kodi addon is also a part of falcon project. Cryptic covers movies, TV shows, Music, Stand up, and more. But only movies are working fine and updated. Other listings are totally outdated. Considering movie alone, its performance was amazing. All the movies we tested are playing perfectly well. And the additional advantage is, you don’t require any streaming permission. You can enjoy your favorite movie with a click. Its content are organized as 

  • Latest
  • Top 100 IMDB movies
  • Disney movies
  • Animation movies
  • Box sets
Cryptic also provides lots of TV shows. Some of its contents are outdated. But all the shown contents are working fine, which is more than enough. It also has a special category “Her place”. Which focus on women’s interest. It also has a special collection of most watched movies under cryptic movies.

Project M

project M

Project M is a media addon to stream movies, TV shows, sports and lots more. It was developed by Merlin and available in merlin repository. Falcon addon is integrated to this addon, so we can stream falcon contents from this addon. Other than that it has lot of content like 

  • IPTV
  • Movies
  • Music
  • Sports
  • TV
  • Tykes
Though it has a lot of contents. Sometimes the stream is not working properly. so if you face any issue, try after some time. Or clear your addon cache by clicking on “clear addon cache” option. If it does not resolve the issue try to change your IP by using VPN like IPVanish. Most Of the IPTVs are working if they are accessed from a certain country.



Each and every addon has its own unique features. Most of the times I thought about enjoying every feature in the same addon. MetalliQ is one such addon. MetalliQ scraps the links from other available addons. The more addons you have the more content, you can scrap. It has a wide range of movies and TV shows. Its contents are organized based on

  • Genres
  • On air
  • Popular
  • Top rated
  • Most played
  • Most watched
  • Most collected
  • trending
This is one of the best ways to acquire lots of alternate links. If there is only one link, during downtime there will be some issue. Availability of alternate links gives the added advantage to MetalliQ over other addons. This addon was developed by  OpenELEQ and Midraal. MetalliQ is hosted at noobs and nerds repository.



Eyasses is an all in one addon. This addon is a collection of all media addon with the best feature. This addon was developed by AJ and available in AJ repository. This addon has the largest database, it includes 

  • 3D movies
  • 4K movies
  • Audiobooks
  • Boxsets
  • CCTV
  • Christmas films
  • Classic war films
  • Cooking
  • Disney
  • Documentaries
  • Faith
  •  Horror movies
  • Kids film
  • Movie hub
  • Live TV
  • IPTV
  • Stand up and lots more
This addon contains most of the available category under video addons. And the bonus feature is, you can play all these contents with a click. It will automatically choose the best provider for you. You don’t need to authorize for streaming contents. We checked a random content under 15 categories, all of them are working. This is a must install addon.

Best Kodi addons for TV Shows (Series)

The series culture was started around 2001. After many years it’s trending at its peak. Though there are lots of famous anime and English series. Now there is an exponential growth in the number of series. One of the main reason for this rapid growth is undying popularity among the youths.

Refer to the below table for easy installation of the best kodi TV shows addons

Series AddonRepo NameRepo URL
Series Addictkodil
MDWatch serieskodil

Series addict

series addicts

Series addicts Kodi addon streams most of the popular series. Unlike other addons, series addicts focus only on selected series. Though the content is limited they are classified as 

  • Popular
  • Ongoing
  • Latest
This addon was developed by team dandymedia and hosted at dandymedia repository. It has an overall browse and search options.

MD.Watch series

md watch series

MDWatch series focuses mainly on series. Though we can watch series in most of the movie addons. It would be great to have a separate addon for series. MDWatchseries was developed by mucky duck team and available in the kodil repository. It has a lot of good contents, and they are categorized as 

  • Years
  • A-Z
  • Genres
  • Newest
  • Week’s popular
Though the content is good, there are lots of dead links. We randomly tested 10 series, only 3 are working. All other links are dead. We even tried changing the IP address, still the results were same. Modifying URL resolver settings has no effect. We hope that the developers will fix this issue in the next update.

Best Kodi addons for live IPTV

Watching TV with our family and friends is always fun. But the service of our local TV channel providers is not satisfactory. Because we can’t get access to all the channels and we are billed heavily every month. As a solution for this scenario, the live TV concept arrived. As the live TV is telecasted through the internet it got the name IPTV (Internet Protocol Television). Many of the websites also started such IPTV services with a paid subscription. But don’t worry, with Kodi anything can be streamed for free 😉 So in this section, we are going to check some of the best Kodi addons for live IPTV.

Refer to the below table for installing the required addons from the respective repo name & URL.

Live IPTV AddonsRepo NameRepo URL
AmerikanotugoVIP Secret
Cerebro IPTVSuperrepo
Made in Canada IPTVSuperrepo
Goodfellas 2.0Goodfellas
Pac-12 ProVinh Repo
UK Turk PlaylistsUK Turks
Filmon SimpleTV Addons
White devil StreamsBrettus
SkynetMaverick TV


deliverance kodi addon

After comparing over 20+ addons, Deliverance took the top spot on the list of best Kodi addons for live tv. Let us justify why Deliverance is the best among other addons… Well, usually in kodi addons we can watch live sports, live TV, live tv shows and live PPV only. But with Deliverance kodi addon we can even watch Live CCTV across the world. Yes, Deliverance gets access to over 250 CCTV cameras from various locations and live streams them. Sitting at Newyork you can watch the streets of Los Angeles 😉 Sounds interesting right?! Okay, let’s explore what all are available in the Deliverance Kodi addon. Before that have a quick look at the NOTE.


i) After clicking on any link make sure that you wait for at least 1 minute for the live TV to play. Because Deliverance takes few seconds to get the best streaming for you.

ii) If you are getting some errors like “Web Request Failed” or something similar, then I am sure it’s because of your IP. Because these live TVs are restricted to play from particular countries. So there is a need to change your IP address. To do so, you need a VPN Service. IPVanish is one of the best VPN providers which we highly recommend you to try out. Quickly sign up for IPVanish here.

What’s inside Deliverance Kodi Addon?

  • Deliverance Live: This is one of the main section of Deliverance which you should check it first. It includes most of the Live TV channels from countries like Albania, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Greece, Polish, UK, and USA.
  • Deliverance Sports: Here you will find some categories like Pauls Picks, Sports Scrapers, Transfer News, Live Now Sports, Sports TV, Classic Matches, World Football Stadiums, My Clubs, Fifa World and Rugby Zone. Sports TV is what you need to select if you interested in watching live sports on kodi.
  • Deliverance Documentaries: This section includes documentaries on various genres like Crime, Serial, Nature, BBC, War, Cops, Ghosty etc…
  • Deliverance Music: Here you can find Live Radio, Music TV, Music Choice, Official Music Charts, Live Concerts and DJs, Karaoke Room, Music Genres Playlists and much more.
  • Deliverance Kids: In this folder, you can find some of the good old as well as new kids cartoons and programs. To name a few, Ben 10, Transformers, Dora & Friends, Tom & Jerry, Popeye, Scooby Doo, etc…
  • Deliverance Comedy: It has got some of the popular comedy programs across the world.
  • World CCTV: Here is where you can watch CCTV across the various locations.
  • Test Area: This is the secret folder where you can find some of the new TV episodes and movies. Test them as the name says 😉


Amerikanotuga is yet another great kodi live tv addon. It is not much popular addon as its new to the market but we are sure that it’s going to trend soon. One special thing about Amerikanotuga is that it provides live TV of many more countries when compared to Deliverance. This addon streams the live TV from the local proxy. So you might face an error in case of the proxy is busy. But we could find some really good streaming for most of the channels. Let us take a quick look at this addon.

  • Live IPTV Based on the countries: Portugal TV, Brazil TV, Spain TV, French TV, Italy TV, UK TV, USA TV, Germany TV, Switzerland TV, Netherlands TV, Turkey TV, Arabic TV and Albany TV
  • Stream Server TV: It contains sub-folders like Sportsdevil Live TV, All Acestreams, Roja IPTV M3U, EDOCTOR, FLUXUS TV, IPTV Embed, Daily IPTV M3U 2, Daily Playlist Countries, Server Orbit, Ultimate IPTV, IPTV Sharing, IPTV free, etc…
  • Secret TV VIP: It is another IPTV service that is integrated with this addon. Inside this, you can find a broad category of media like IPTV, Movies, Kids Zone, Karaoke, Top Music, Ace Box, Test Zone and much more…
  • Others: RS IPTV, The One, Piranha, Logan TV, Ghost Stream, ARENAVISION, VIP KIDS TV, Youtube, Test Zone, etc…

Cerebro IPTV

Cerebro IPTV kodi addon

Cerebro IPTV is one of the untapped kodi live TV addon that most of them not aware. But I am sure you will be aware of Mobdro. Well, Cerebro IPTV addon works based on Mobdro servers only. Mobdro is really good at its IPTV service. So you can expect the same kind of service from Cerebro IPTV. Once you have opened the Mobdro folder you will get access to over 350+ TV channels across the world. Almost all the links are working perfectly and the streaming quality is great. You would really enjoy it.


Castaway is the next live tv addon on our list of the best Kodi IPTV addons. Castaway is a bit different from other live tv addons. Here the addon will list out all the list of streaming services available. We gotto pick the one which would work. Don’t worry! We are going to do the hard work for you 😉 Check the tip given below to make the best out of Castaway Kodi addon.

TIP: Though Castaway has got many folders our focus is only the Live Sports and Live TV. If you open the Live TV you will find a long list of streamers. After checking out them one by one, we found to be the best one admist of others. Filmon has got some really active links that actually streaming Live TV Channels across the world. You would find a big category of Live TVs. Just explore them one by one.

cCloud TV

ccloud tv kodi addon

cCloud TV is not just an IPTV addon. It is kind of an all in one addon where you can find almost all the media that you use on kodi. Here is what you can find in the cCloud TV addon.

  • All Channels
  • Filmon
  • English
  • Top 10
  • Sports
  • News
  • Documentaries
  • Entertainment
  • Family
  • Movies
  • Music
  • Lifestyle
  • On-demand movies
  • On-demand shows
  • 24/7 channels
  • Radio
  • Non-English / International

They also provide some special options like Search, Server Status (to check the availability of servers) and Announcements (for important updates related to the addon).

Made in Canada IPTV (MIC)

made in canada iptv kodi addon

Made in Canada IPTV is another live IPTV kodi addon from the Kodil Repository. Don’t get confused with the name Canada. This addon streams the popular live TV Channels from different countries. In order to watch live TV with MIC addon open the folder MiC LIVE IPTV. Here you will find the following sub folders.

  • Canadian English IPTV – 40+ channels
  • Canadian French IPTV – 40+ channels
  • USA LIST – 80+ channels
  • UK TV LIST – 80+ channels

The channels are streaming based on the local proxy. We found most of the links are active in this MiC kodi IPTV addon.

Goodfellas 2.0

Goodfellas 2.0 kodi addon

Goodfellas is yet another all in one addon that comes with a full power packed entertainment. Right from Sports to News you can find everything here. You would probably be confused with which folder to select. Nothing to worry about it. We will here guide you on how to use Goodfellas 2.0 kodi addon.

Once you have opened the Goodfellas 2.0 straight away go and select Free TV Channels. Inside the folder, you will find US/UK/Canadian channels, News channels, and Sports channels. You may explore each of them one by one. While we were testing goodfellas 2.0 addon, we found around 70% of the live TV streaming well. At times there are few dead links as well. So keep checking other folders if you face any errors.

There are also other media apart from live TV in Goodfellas 2.0 addon. Here are some of the categories which we found it important to mention: Audiobooks, Arts & Crafts, Culinary, Sounds/ Meditations, Outdoors, Military, Motor Headz, Gamerz, Vaping, Fitness, Controversial youtube, Movies, TV shows, etc… Check out all these one by one 🙂

Pac-12 Pro

PAC 12 Pro

PAC 12 Pro is one of the best kodi addons for live TV. PAC 12 Pro is not much popular among the kodi users. While most of the other live tv addons work based on the Sportsdevil framework, this PAC 12 Pro is unique. Because PAC 12 Pro streams the live channels from some of the private servers. Make sure you wait for few seconds to load the channels. The UI of this addon is pretty simple. Take a quick look of what is available in the Pac 12 Pro addon.

  • USA
  • UK
  • Canada
  • Vietnam
  • World
  • US News
  • PPV Channels
  • Movie Channels
  • Entertainment TV
  • Kids Channels

UK Turk Playlists

uk turk playlists

UK Turk Playlists is quite a popular addon among the kodi users. It is also an all in one addon with a wide category of media for entertaining you the whole day. The Live TV section includes over 100+ channels. Most of the links are working very well. Few of the channels requires sportsdevil for better streaming. The Live Channels are listed one by one below. So you either need to scroll down or search for the required TV Channel.

Some of the other categories that are worth the mention are Cartoons, Documentaries, Stand up comedy, Concerts, Radio, CCTV, Fitness, Foodp*rn, Movies and TV Shows.


Ultra IPTV

After the first look of this ultra IPTV, we were not impressed. Because the folders that were listed are totally confusing and couldn’t understand what is what… Later after checking out all the folders we made had a change of opinion. Yes, the ULTRA IPTV addon has some really big list of TV Channels for live streaming. All you need to do is just click any of the folders listed to explore the list of TV Channels. Almost all the links are working really good. We didn’t find any annoying pop up while testing this addon. So its really worth a try.

Filmon Simple

filmon simple kodi addon

As the name says, Filmon Simple is a simple kodi addon for live IPTV. Here you can find some unique channels across the world. Though there are no much popular TV channels available, but there are some really good TV Channels that can be streamed with this addon. The streaming quality is super cool such that it plays instantly after clicking on the channel. Here is the list of unique categories available with this Filmon Simple kodi addon.

  • African TV
  • Asian TV
  • Business TV
  • Caribbean channels
  • Celebrity TV
  • Classic TV
  • Filmon Exclusive
  • German TV
  • Greek TV
  • Hungarian TV
  • Indian TV
  • Italian TV
  • Middle Eastern TV
  • Russian TV
  • Somali TV
  • Swiss TV


FTFA kodi addon

FTFA is a cool IPTV addon from the Brettus repository. Brettus is a well known kodi addon developer. FTFA is a kodi addon that mainly targets Live TV. It has got around 5 different servers for streaming live TV channels. In that 3 servers are from UK and 2 servers are from US. The servers that are currently active are indicated as “online” within brackets. You may open any of the active servers to load the list of TV Channels. The number of channels in each server is listed below.

  • Server 1 UK IPTV: 37
  • Server 2 UK IPTV: 258
  • Server 3 UK IPTV: 159
  • Server 4 US IPTV: 286
  • Server 5 US IPTV: 189

The channel loading is instant. You can enjoy watching your favorite channels with FTFA kodi addon.

White Devil Streams

white devil streams

White Devil Streams is another addon from the Brettus Repository. It is a general addon which covers all the media right from movies to documentaries. If you are interested in the live TV then select the live TV folder within the white devil streams addon. It has got a database of over 600+ channels. Just search for the desired channel and start streaming…

Here is the list of other options available in the White Devil Streams kodi addon.

  • Latest Movies
  • Rubbish Cams
  • Brettus Kids Tube
  • White Devil Boxsets
  • 3D Movie Zone
  • WDS TV Shows
  • Retro TV
  • 4K Movies
  • Documentary freak
  • For the Ladies
  • Supremacy addon
  • BAMF’s Movies
  • Anime Planet
  • Karaoke Night
  • Live TV

 Stream Hub

stream hub kodi addon

As the name says Stream Hub kodi addon works as a hub connecting multiple streaming services. This addon is built based on the android API. Stream Hub kodi addon integrates some of the best android streaming apps like Mobdro, Snappy streamz, Swift Streamz, Pak India Sports and eDoctor IPTV. You can access them on the following path: Live TV -> Android API. Inside these android API, you can find a bunch of live TV channel links from different countries across the world.


skynet kodi addon

Skynet is last but not the least on the list of best kodi addons for live TV. It can be installed from the Maverick repository. Skynet is an all in one addon with tons of media readily available for streaming. Let me list down some of the important categories available in the skynet kodi addon.

  • Skynet online movies
  • Supremacy TV Shows
  • Maverick TV
  • Supremacy
  • Skynet Sports
  • Skynet new releases
  • Skynet IPTV
  • Skynet 4K UHD
  • Skynet TV Boxsets
  • Skynet Jukebox

Skynet IPTV: This is the folder that you should open for watching the IPTV. It includes some of the subfolders like Maverick IPTV, Supremacy IPTV, Fluxus IPTV (contains 1900+ Channels) and World News Channels. The streaming is made from the private servers. So you need not worry about the annoying errors. It should work really well.

Best kodi addons for anime

The best Kodi anime addons are listed below. Refer to the below table for installing these addons.

Anime addonsRepo NameRepo URL
Watch Cartoon OnlineSuper Repo
AnimegoNAdownload zip
SoggysanwitchPtom Repo
Brettus AnimeBrettus Build Repo
9AnimeCypher Locker Repo

Watch cartoon online

watch cartoon online

After using a dozen of anime addons, we came to the conclusion that Watch Cartoon Online addon is the best addon to watch anime on Kodi. We were totally impressed by its features. It has a huge collection of anime and cartoon series. It has 8 categories. Most of the famous animes come under these categories. These categories are Latest 50 releases, Popular And ongoing series, Dubbed anime, Cartoon list, Cartoon favorites, Subbed anime list and OVA. The most impressive feature of this addon is their updated database. Maintaining a database includes updating new contents and replacing dead links with the new links. This addon is undoubtfully the best in this category. This addon is previously hosted by DandyMedia repository. Currently, this addon is available in the super repository and Kodil repository.

Another salient feature of this addon is Its search function. It has two search function

  1. Overall search
  2. Search by genre

Watch Cartoon online Kodi addon has 138 genres. No other anime addon has such huge database. If you are not sure what to watch, Just select any genre and surf over it. You will find some awesome content. Surprisingly, All streams are playing without any error.



Mostly it’s not good to depend on single source either income or anime, We need a second source. Animego will be a good replacement for watch cartoon online Kodi addon. This addon is developed by Dknight. Previously it was indexed by the super repository. You can download this addon from here. This addon streams movies and TV shows only. These are further classified as recently Added, A-Z, Genres, Top contents. Totally it has 95 TV shows and 44 Movies. The developer has taken frequent shutdown into consideration and provided an alternate (mirror) link for most of the contents. Instead of focusing on the entire anime content, animego Kodi addon has standard contents.

It has a separate search for both TV shows and Movies. The current version of this addon is 1.0.5. There are some issues with this addon like some of the streams are dead and they are not removed or replaced yet. Some of the recent repo shutdowns is a big misfortune for some developers. Though we don’t want to miss some of the best addons. As a Kodi user, we are also waiting for the next update of this addon with some fix and cool features.

Soggy sandwich


If you are an anime fan, You might have come across Crunchyroll and FUNimation. They are the international distributors of anime, manga, and dramas. We can also stream anime by using Crunchyroll, But we have to buy a premium membership account to stream anime. Soggysanwitch is the clone of Crunchyroll. They are streaming the content for all members. You don’t need any premium account to access soggy sandwich contents. All the contents are in HD. This addon is hosted by PTOM repository.

They are also streaming Asian drama. Compared to the watch cartoon online Kodi addon, It has less content. Though they are categorized effectively. They are categorized as Most popular, Featured, Newest, Genres, and seasons. All the contents are updated regularly. We can also find old anime from 2009, surprisingly all those streams are as good as new. Though we cant find the anime content telecasted before 2008, it has a handful of wonderful anime content. It also has search feature in-built.

Brettus anime

brettus anime

If you want your childhood back, then this addon will bring that for you. Brettus anime Kodi addon has some of the evergreen animes and cartoons. So if you want to watch old series then brettus anime addon will be the best. It has 37 series. Brettus anime Kodi addon includes anime from 2001. It also includes some of the movies related to the anime. This addon is developed by team brettus and hosted at brettus build repository.

The categorization is not good. It doesn’t have an inbuilt search feature. So we have to use Kodi default search option. Or we can just surf the list. At this point, you will be wondering why this addon is on the Top list with a lot of drawbacks? Though it has old contents, the developers of this addon made sure to remove the nonworking links. And it also has a one-click play feature. If the team brettus is planning to update its content, then we hope it will find its way to the top 2.



9Anime Kodi addon is yet another addon to watch anime on Kodi. This addon was developed by team cypher and available in Cyphers Locker repository. 9Anime streams all its content in HD. The interface and performance of this addon are on par with premium addons. 9Anime categorized its content into 3 wide categories as Latest, Newest, and Genres with an inbuilt search function. It has 21 genres, in this, you can find most of the anime contents.

Previously, its performance was pretty high. But during our testing, we faced some issues with this addon. 9Anime addon works perfectly fine when streamed from the IPs of certain countries. Sometimes it throws an error. This issue is related to the streaming link. We hope the developer’s team have already noticed it. We are eagerly waiting for the 9Anime update with such error fixes.

Best kodi addons for cartoon

The best Kodi cartoon addons are listed below. Refer to the below table for installing these addons.

Cartoon AddonsRepo NameRepo URL
Cartoon 8Super Repo
Toon-R-USSuper Repo
ToonmaniaSuper Repo
Cartoon OnKodil Repo
Brettus Kids TubeBrettus Build Repo

cartoon 8


This is the only addon you required to watch all your favorite cartoon on Kodi. Cartoon 8 Kodi addon is a wonderful addon, It has all you required to enjoy your favorite cartoon. Cartoon 8 is developed by MetalKettle. It is the same team or a person who developed Decado documentaries. Cartoon8 Kodi addon is available in Tantrum TV repository, Looking glass repository and super repository. This addon got the contents of 9cartoon, Super cartoons, Gogo anime and Anime XD. Yep, you heard me right! You can also surf all your favorite animes. And equal importance is given to both cartoon and anime.

An addon may have lots of contents but how efficiently its delivered and organized is important. Cartoon8 has categorized its content into 

  • Latest update
  • News & Hot
  • New Added
  • Popular
  • A-Z
  • Genres
It also provides category wise search option, just select your favorite category (anime or cartoon) and search for your favorite series and enjoy the show.

Cartoon8 addon is pretty famous among the old Kodi users. It has a large user base, so sometimes due to heavy traffic, it may show some error. And the developer team also set up a captcha verification to prevent the unexpected Server shutdowns. You may receive a stream authorization and it may ask you to pair. Pairing is valid for 4 hours. So to enjoy more you may use VPN to mask your IP, and pair using different masked IP for every 4 hours. Enjoy unlimited cartoon and anime by using cartoon8 Kodi addon.



Toons-R-Us Kodi addon is purely for cartoon and cartoon series. This addon was developed by dandy media and available in the super repository. This addon has an inbuilt search option. Since it has a huge database, this will definitely help you to find your favorite contents. Other than this it has some more categories like

  • Cartoon list
  • Newest Cartoon
  • Latest update
  • Most popular
  • Alpha
  • Genres
Toons-R-Us Kodi addon has 24 genres. It’s really a huge collection of the cartoon. And the quality of the cartoon is also pretty good. And above all, it doesn’t have any authorization. So you can enjoy your favorite cartoon 24/7.



Toonmania Kodi addon is yet another addon for watching all your favorite cartoon on Kodi. Toonmania contains movies and cartoon series. The movies section includes some famous anime movies also with all other cartoon movies. It is the best addon for watching cartoon and anime movies. The wast content of Toonmanina is categorized as movies and series. And these both again subcategorized as

  • New
  • All
  • Popular
  • Dubbed
This addon doesn’t have a search option, so we have to use Kodi default search to search content under any specific category. And sadly overall search could not be made. The streaming quality and interface of the addon is good. Toonmania is developed by Metal kettle. This addon is developed by the same team who have developed decado documentaries and cartoon8. No wonder its performance is so good. Its available in super repository and Tantrum TV repository. It has totally 960 movies and 1381 cartoon series. This is a huge collection. Hope you can find all your favorite cartoon on the list.

Cartoon on

cartoon on

This addon may be a good choice if you are a cartoon series and movie lover. Compared two other addons the database is small. But the content available in the series category is good. It has got 78 series. All these series are non-famous series. So if you are a type of person who sets out from the crowd, this addon may suit your taste. Cartoon on Kodi addon has some other categories like

  • All content
  • By studio
  • Characters
  • Series
If you are a big fan of certain series or character, and want to watch all the content related to that character or series. Then this will help you. This addon is also developed bt dandy media team and available in the kodil repository.Though there is lack of contents, categorization is perfectly executed. This addon also has some anime movies included in it, under studio> Anime. Generally, there is always a rivalry between leading players in the industry. The developer has efficiently used this to increase their user base.

Brettus kids tube

brettus kids tube

Some of the kids series may piss off the teens and I have experienced a lot in my childhood. If you wonder if there any addons only for kids, actually there are such addons. Brettus Kodi tube addon is the best among them. It has only kids contents. It doesn’t have any categorization either. Brettus Kodi tube has 64 famous kids favorite series like

  • Micky Mouse
  • Bob the builder
  • Pokemon
  • popeye
  • Thundercats and lots more
This addon is developed by Brettus team and available in Brettus builds repository. This list of content is based on most watched kid favorite. The addon’s interface and one-click install have made this perfect for kids.

Best kodi addons for documentaries

Are you curious to know about a lot of things? Then documentaries are the best things to feed your curiosity. Have you ever thought about watching documentaries on Kodi? If so, then these are the best Kodi addons to watch documentaries on your Kodi. Most of these documentaries are hosted on youtube or at any repository. At this point, you might be wondering why should I watch on Kodi instead of youtube? Youtube autoplay feature is based on your watch history. So it might distract us to other contents. But in case of Kodi, all the video are related to the same core under any category.

The best Kodi documentaries addons are listed below. Refer to the below table for installing these addons.

Documentaries addonRepo NameRepo URL
Brettus DocumentariesBrettus Builds Repo
Documentary TubeSuper Repo
Decado DocumentariesSuper Repo
Documentary StormSuper Repo
Documented HDSuper Repo

Brettus Documentaries

brettus documentaries

Brettus Documentaries Kodi addon is overall performer under this category. Since youtube is the biggest source of documentaries, other addons stream a collection of youtube playlist. Brettus Documentary has 72 genres. And each genre has 10 to 50 video in it. Compared to other addons brettus documentaries has a pretty good collection. All the video are just one click play. Since they are hosted on youtube, you don’t need any authorization. Brettus documentaries category includes 

  • Astronomy
  • Ancient Egypt
  • Serial killer
  • Alien UFO
  • world war
  • Ancient history
  • Nazi and lots more
This addon is developed by team brettus and available in Brettus builds repository. This addon doesn’t have an inbuilt search option. So we have to use default search option of kodi. We hope in the next update we may find some of these fixes.

Documentary tube

documentary tube

The documentary tube is the best Kodi addon to watch youtube documentaries on Kodi. Documentaries are one of the best entertainment because we can improve our knowledge while running on a treadmill or while cooking. Documentary tube has 50 wide genres like 

  • Mega Disasters
  • How Its made
  • Space Documentaries
  • Just Amazing
  • Underwater life
  • Technology
  • Secrets of nature
  • Bear Grylls
All these 50 genres have 50 videos in it. All these videos are directly streaming from youtube. Documentary tube Kodi addon is developed by coldkeys and hosted at Kodil repository and super repository. Since these videos are streamed on youtube, they won’t have a downtime. So you can enjoy your favorite documentaries 24*7.

Decado Documentaries

decado documentaries

Decado Documentaries is an all-time favorite Kodi addon for documentary lovers. Because it is one of the most famous documentary addons. Compared to other addons of this category, Decado documentaries have a general structure. This addon is developed by MetalKettle and available in the super repository. One of the best features of this addon is it has Latest documentaries and Highest rated documentaries. It helps you keep your knowledge updated on some hot topic. Its content has categorized into 26 genres. All these genres are general like 

  • Sports
  • Psychology
  • Nature
  • Mystery
  • Media
  • Science
  • Religion
This helps the user to develop an overall knowledge regarding a particular topic. We hope It would be great If the categorization has made more specific. The developer team of this addon is working well, in adding new contents, removing the dead links and old contents.

Documentary Storm

documentary strom

Documentary storm Kodi addon is very similar to Decado documentaries addon, in terms of interface and categorization. The documentary storm is developed by MetalChris and available at super repository. Its like competition between two rivals. Comparatively, Documentary storm has 22 genes which are less than the decado documentary. Its category includes 

  • Art
  • Biography
  • Conspiracy
  • Crime
  • Culture
  • Drugs
  • Environment
  • Health
  • History
  • Lifestyle
  • Money
  • Nature and lots more
Each of these genres has 25 to 50 video in it. All these videos are selected specifically to give an overall knowledge to the user. There is no content repetition. We are pretty impressed by the quality of the videos.

Documented HD

documented HD

If you are an HD freak like me, Then this addon suits you. I love to watch Videos on HD. This is an yet another documentary addon. The special feature of this addon is, all the streams are in
HD quality. This is the only documentary addon which understands the troubles of the user and has a search option. It has 11 genes. Like 

  • New Additions
  • Music
  • Internet & Technology
  • Modern society
  • Crime
  • Social inequality
  • Oppressive Regimes
  • Unreal TV
Though the content is less when compared to other addons, most of the content is unique. Documented HD was developed by Frenchdj and available in the super repository. All the contents are streamed directly from the youtube. So the availability of the contents entirely depends on the original owners of the video. If Documented HD is updated with a lot of contents in others genes. There is no doubt it will be the best Documentary Kodi addon. We are eagerly waiting to find lot more content in its next update.

Best kodi regional addons

Besides from major language English, as a Kodi user, we always wanted to stream our country’s local channels on Kodi. And sadly there are very fewer addons for this purpose. So here we had tested some of the addons to watch local channels. And we would be glad to share this list with you. Most of these addons work if they are accessed from a local IP. So we used IPVanish to mask our base IP. If you wish to access the local channels of other countries, usage of VPN is highly recommended.

The best Kodi regional addons are listed below. Refer to the below table for installing these addons.

Regional addonsRepo nameRepo URL
DramagoNADownload Zip
Tamil Kodi NADownload Zip
Arabic Live TVSuper Repo
IcdramaAznhusband Repo
Zem TVKodil Repo



Dramago is the best addon to watch Korean drama on Kodi. After checking various other addons. My team selected Dramago as the best Kodi addon to watch Korean drama. Dramago was developed by Dknight. Currently, it’s not available in any repo, you have to download the zip file and install the addon.  Dramago Kodi addon has Korean and Chinese movies and TV shows. These are categorized as recently added, A-Z, genres, top shows, and Korean drama HD.

Tamil Kodi

tamil kodi

Tamil Kodi is the best addon to watch live TV, Sports TV, Indian TV, Live radio, TV serials, TV shows, and Tamil movies. Currently, Tamil Kodi is not available in any repository. You have to download and install from zip file. It has most of the famous TV shows telecasted on Vijay TV, Sun TV, Zee Tamil, and Polimer TV. It has two providers for latest movies. TamilGun and Einthusan. All the movies are categorized based on the providers. In Einthusan movies are categorized based on the languages as Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Hindi, Kanada, Bengali, Marathi, Punjabi, and Gujarathi. In Tamilgun movies are categorized as HD movies, new movies, and dubbed movies. Tamil Kodi has 84 Indian TV streams and  42 live tv streams. It also has 4 separate streams for Sports TV.

Arabic Live TV

Arabic live tv

Arabic Live TV kodi addon is one of the best addons to watch Arab live channels. This addon was developed by husham and available in the super repository and kodil repository. This addon streams its content directly from youtube. And this addon works fine with US and UK IP address. And this got some other issue like youtube quota limit. If your quota is over, you have to change your IP to continue streaming. It has lots of Live TV streams available but they are not categorized. So we have to search by channel name to find the requires stream.

Icdrama Kodi addon


Icdrama is the best addon to watch hong kong, Korean, Taiwan, Japanese and Chinese dramas and movies. This addon was developed by Icdrama team and available in aznhusband Kodi repository. This repository can be found under addon on repository section in the super repository. Or you can directly download the zip file and install the repository. This addon streams Hong Kong, Korean, Taiwan, Chinese and Japanese contents. These are categorized into drama, movies, animation, and variety. Some of this contents have subtitles, so you don’t need any extra addon for subtitles. This addon also has an inbuilt search option. The streaming quality is pretty good. We tested some of the links and all the tested links are working fine.

Zem TV Kodi addon


Until this time, Kodi has got undying popularity in Tier 1 countries. But now due to its performance, it’s attracting lots of user from, other countries. So in order to help such new user to watch their favorite homeland contents on Kodi. We filtered some of the best regional addons. One such addon is Zem TV Kodi addon. Zem Tv covers contents from India and Pakistan. And they are categorized as

  • Political shows
  • Dramas
  • Lice channels
  • Movies
  • Sports
The contents are mostly in Hindi and Punjabi. Some contents are in Tamil, Telugu, and Marathi. This will ne the best regional addon for users from India and Pakistan.

Best kodi addons for music

Nothing can beat the music when comes to relaxation. Whether you are happy or sad, music will console and embrace you. Even psychology says, hearing mild music while working can increase the productivity. And mild-classical background score while reading, helps to retain information longer. Music plays a vital part in our lives. Either come to work or party, there is music everywhere. Kodi is popularly used for streaming movies, TV shows, and Live TV. Only very people use Kodi to its fullest potential. We can do more with Kodi like stream your favorite artist entire database from youtube or other repositories. The following are the some of the best Kodi addons for music and live radio.

The best Kodi music addons are listed below. Refer to the below table for installing these addons.

Music AddonsRepo NameRepo URL
Mp3 streamsKodil Repo
Jukebox heroSuper Repo
ThunderstruckSwiper Dan's Repo
Jio MusicGujal RepoDownload Zip
BeatzStream Army Repo
Internet RadioSuper Repo
Tunein RadioKodil Repo

Mp3 Streams

mp3 streams

Mp3 streams is already pretty famous among the Kodi users. It is one of the addons which comes to our mind after thinking about songs or music in Kodi. In simple terms, this one addon is enough for all your music needs. And its way more professional in its feature when compared to the other addons. Say organizing, quality, variety in all of these MP3 streams tops the list. It doesn’t have an internet radio feature, this may be the only drawback to say. The huge database of Mp3 streams are categorized into 

  • Top albums
  • New Albums
  • Compilations
  • Billboard charts
  • instant mix and various search options
The organizing method is pretty classy. You can search your favorite under artist, albums, and songs. It has also had the favorite category. It also has an alternate source. If you have any issue with the streams check the content in the alternate source. Instant mix feature allows you to mix the songs in the favorite section. You can also create and modify your custom playlist. I guess these features are more than enough to say Mp3 streams is the best Kodi addon for music.

 jukebox hero

jukebox hero

Jukebox hero Kodi addon is one of the best addons to watch the music video on your Kodi. It includes most of the so far released music video. And such huge collection are categorized into 11 groups  namely,

  • Popular Vevo playlists
  • UK charts playlists
  • US charts playlists
  • 1000 Most popular artists
  • Featured Artists
  • Top 100 Artists
  • All-time Artists
  • Greatest All time
Some people like hearing music and some like to watch a video, it totally depends on your taste. The most addon has the music videos to ensure large customer base. Jukebox Hero Kodi addon has an amazing collection of songs, from the latest hits to old classical. This addon may be a good choice if you listen only to particular artist or genre. JukeboxHero was developed by DandyMedia and available in the super repository and Kodil repository.



If you are a productivity freak and music is always a part of your multitasking schedule, who loves to listen to music while doing other works. Then definitely this addon may suit you. Thunderstruck has a good collection of music, which are categorized into 

  • Music
  • Radio
  • Concerts
  • Music video
  • Karakoe
Karakoe is my priority, I love to do multitasking, having a mild karaoke background is pretty helpful. And thunderstruck Kodi addon has also international radio and concerts. If you are doing other works this might come handy. Thunderstruck also has music videos and music. Since the content is less, you can use other music addons for this purpose. This addon was developed by thunderstruck and available in the Swiper Dan’s repository.

Jio Music

jio music

If you are from India, you might have known a lot about Jio Music. Jio Music is one of India’s top-rated music app which allows users to stream their favorite music. Being a diverse country, India has 22 major languages. Surprisingly Jio music allows you access 17 different languages. It includes 

  • Tamil
  • Carnatic
  • Telugu
  • Malayalam
  • Kannada
  • Hindi
  • Urudu
  • Punjabi
  • Bengali
  • Marathi and lots more
Jio Music allows the user to access international, national and regional songs. And you can use Jio music in your Kodi. And this is not available in the repository. You have to download the zip file and install it. And you don’t need to register as Jio user to enjoy this service. Other than this Jio also providing top 20 list, weekly 20 lists and lots more. Simply Jio has added the best feature from most of the addons. Jio also featuring international artists. So most probably anyone can use irrespective of their country.



Beatz Kodi addon is yet another music addon, by streamArmy repo. Beatz mainly focuses on UK based music. Their contents are categorized as

  • UK top 40
  • Top 50
  • Albums
  • Disney soundtracks
  • World radio
  • Random list
  • Music genres
Beatz Kodi addon may be a great choice for someone loves to hear the random music. The random category has a pretty good collection. And Beatz also broadcasting 52 countries radio channels in world radio. No other music addon such wide variety of channels. Just select your county and set your favorite radio channel. In the music category, you will find songs and music related to the certain occasion like dance songs, love songs, old songs, and few more. It has an overall search option. You can search for your favorite songs or artists.

Internet radio

internet radio

Even though there are various sources of music available all over the world, Radio is one of the peoples favorite. Especially internet radio in this technology era. Most people use the radio because there is a minimal interaction with songs. Though radio is outdated, people still using the internet. With Kodi, we can steam the radio channels from all over the world. Internet Radio Kodi addon is available solely for this purpose. Radio also broadcasting news. So it may be a way to save your time. Since it has most of the channels, all these channels are categorized into 81. All these categorizations are made on the language, type, genre, country of the channels. Some categories are 

  • Christmas
  • Pop
  • Classical
  • Country
  • dance
  • 90’s
  • talk
Due to the diversity of the channel, This is the only way to classify it. Wherever you are you can always enjoy music, Internet Radio is developed by Metal Chris and available in the super repository. Internet Radio is developed by the same team who developed Documentary storm.

Tunein radio

tunein radio

Tunein radio Kodi addon is simply an alternate for internet Radio. Though both addon work on the same bases, tunein radio Kodi addon has some user-friendly options. Instead of providing all available channels, tunein radio provides quality channels in a well-organized manner. In tunein radio the channels are organized as 

  • Favourite
  • Recent
  • Browse
  • Search
The categorization is made as simple as possible. In browse select location, and select your country followed by the state. You can also search by using language. It has inbuilt search option so you can just search your favorite channel. It also has the custom URL option, to add a custom streaming URL. Tunein radio Kodi addon is developed by brainhornsby and available in the kodil repository.

Best kodi addons for fitness and workout

Health is one of the most significant things that one need to care about. There are also some popular sayings like “The greatest wealth is health”. With that being said, if you are concerned about your health, then you must do some regular workouts and exercises to keep yourself fit.

You know what?! Kodi itself has got some addons for fitness and workouts. In this section, we will discuss some of the best kodi fitness and workout addons. Most of these addons will compile a huge list of videos from the popular health-related youtube channels.

Now you must be questioning me, “Why should I watch it on Kodi when it’s available on youtube?” Well, the first reason is, you can use kodi on your television and watch the workout videos on a widescreen and follow them easily. Second thing is, youtube will divert your attention to other videos 😛 Whereas these Kodi fitness addons have a wide category of videos which you can follow one by one. Okay, let’s check out the top kodi fitness and workout addons.

Here is the list of best kodi addons for fitness and workout along with its repository information.

Fitness AddonsRepo NameRepo URL
Merlin FitnessKodiaddons
Fire FitnessFire TV Guru
PhysicalityNoobs and Nerds
Pulse FitnessKewl TV
YogaGloTeam KodiDefault
Ares FitnessKodil

Merlin Fitness

merlin fitness kodi addon

Merlin Fitness kodi addon comprises of a good collection of videos related to health and fitness. The health tips from various popular youtube channels and other websites are available in a well-categorized order. The thumbnail preview of videos listed in this addon makes us feel like youtube. Also, the duration of each video can be viewed in the thumbnail preview itself.

The major categories available in Merlin Fitness are as follows…

  • Blogilates
  • Body Fit by Amy
  • Fitness Blender workouts
  • Six Pack Shortcuts
  • Pop Sugar
  • Scott Herman
  • Total Fitness
  • Women’s Workouts

Fire Fitness

fire fitness kodi addon

Fire Fitness is yet another best kodi addons for fitness. It also includes fitness training videos from the popular youtube channels and websites. This addon is a bit different from Merlin Fitness in terms of UI. You may find some common categories of videos in both of these addons. But wait, there are some additional fitness tutorials available in the Fire Fitness Kodi addon, which are listed below…

  • Robin for life
  • My Fitness Girls
  • Zumba Fitness
  • Be Fit
  • Runtastic Fitness
  • Perfect Fitness TV
  • Superhero Fitness TV
  • FIT Media Channel
  • Buff Dudes
  • Zuzka Light


physicality kodi addon

Physicality is a Kodi fitness addon that mainly focuses on the Women’s Fitness. It includes video tutorials from various popular fitness mentors. The list goes like this…

  • Gymra
  • Blogilates
  • XHit Daily
  • Tone it up
  • Tarastiles
  • Lauren Hefez
  • Amanda Russel
  • Bodyfit by Amy
  • Steady health
  • Jenny Ford
  • Sarah Fit

Pulse Fitness

pulse fitness kodi addon

Pulse Fitness is one of the old addon from the Kewl TV Repository. As these addons are built based on youtube you will find continuous streaming without any buffering issues. It has a very limited number of fitness videos from the most popular channels which are listed below…

  • Fitness Blender
  • Robin for life
  • My fitness girls
  • Zumba Fitness
  • Be fit
  • Runtastic
  • Pop sugar
  • Fit media channel
  • Jon Venus
  • Shaun T


yogaglo kodi addon

YogaGlo is an official addon available from the Kodi addon repository developed by Jacobo. This addon is exclusively created for streaming the fitness tips available in the You will many Yoga related tutorials in this addon.

Ares Fitness

ares fitness kodi addon

We all know that Ares Wizard and Ares Repo are down due to the recent copyright infringement. But you can still install the Ares Fitness through the Kodil Repository. In the kodi fitness addons which we have come across so far contains only the videos from popular Youtube channels and websites. But Ares Fitness is quite unique from those addons. Ares Fitness includes separate workout tutorials for abs, legs, shoulders and chests. You would also find separate categories for warm up workouts and stretchings.  The only reason for listing it at the last is that it is not being updated regularly.

Best kodi program addons

Program addons are the backbone of Kodi. It is the main reason for streaming such large quality of data by different addons. Unfortunately, most of the user doesn’t know this. These program addons are the one which runs in the background to make streaming easier. There are tons of program addons. In this article, we will see about best program addons. Knowing this may help you to fix some of the frequent Kodi errors.

The best Kodi program addons are listed below. Refer to the below table for installing these addons.

Program AddonsRepo NameRepo URL
URL ResolverDefault
IndigoKodil Repo
Looking Glass WizardLooking Glass Repo
Easy Advanced SettingsSuper Repo
Movie DbDefault

URL Resolver

url resolver

URL Resolver is the big thing behind Kodi streaming. Most of the contents are hosted offshore servers. Kodi is just a streaming software. When we click content links, the links are decoded and points to the original location. Most of the streaming contents are same. The only difference between addons is the method of decryption. Depends on the method of decryption, the streaming speed will differ. If the contents are moved to different location, by using certain providers tracking methods URL Resolver can find the location. So its mandatory to update the URL Resolver. And there are a lot of advanced options available like “Disable hosters with captcha”. This will remove all the captcha links while searching for hosters links. This will prevent stream authorization error like,,
This is one of the major error in Kodi. Knowing more about URL resolver can help to solve your problem. You can find URL Resolver under settings > system settings > Addons (expert mode) > manage dependencies. Open URL Resolver and update it regularly.



In order to keep Kodi at optimum performance, you need some third party addons to do certain tasks for you. Being a media streaming software it must have accumulated lots of caches (temporary files). It should be cleared at regular interval for optimum performance. The thing is we have to know about cache storage location. Like a cache, there are lots of temporary files. Instead of manually clearing all these files, it would be great to clean all these files with one click, isn’t it? Indigo Kodi addon is one of the maintenance addon used for these purposes. Indigo was developed by tv addons and available in the kodil repository. There are lots of tools available in indigo Kodi addon 

  • Addon installer
  • Maintenance tool
  • Factory restore
  • log uploader
  • backup/ restore
  • log viewer and more
Addon installer helps you to install your favorite addons with all the additional plugins. If any error occurs, It will automatically proceed installation with an alternate source. Maintenance tools help to clear cache, thumbnails, temporary packages, and crash logs in one click. Log viewer helps to view the log, so you can find exactly at which place the error occurs.

Looking glass wizard

Looking glass wizard is an alternate for indigo Kodi addon. Similar to indigo it also has a set of options for optimizing Kodi performance. It also has some additional builds and tutorials. The best thing is, it has a wizard feature. So you don’t have to perform every task. Just open and proceed with the wizard. It will do the task for you. Looking glass wizard has these set of options 

  • Community Builds
  • Maintenance
  • Addon installer
  • Wizard support
  • Reviews and support
  • save account info
The maintenance and addon installer tool is pretty similar to the indigo tool. Community builds are custom frameworks which have a different user interface other than the default interface. Save account info function is like chrome autosave password function.

Easy Advanced settings

easy advanced settings

Caution: Easy advanced settings Kodi addon is for an experienced user, If you are a beginner you can try this addon at your own risk. In most of the software, protocols are embedded using XML code. In a similar Kodi also has these XML codes. By modifying these codes, we can customize the software to some extent. On the other hand, modifying the core code also increases the risk of frequent errors. Easy advanced settings Kodi addon enables you to modify the XML code to a certain extent. And you don’t have to be a tech geek to perform this. Though a basic understanding of Kodi streaming is essential. Easy advanced settings allow the user to edit XML code in a user-friendly GUI. Easy advanced settings Kodi addon is available in the kodil repository and super repository. This addon was developed by kinkin.

The movie DB

the movie db

There is a common quest among most of the Kodi user, whether new user or old user. This quest remains the same. How Kodi can stream such huge contents especially movies?. These movies contents are hosted on the remote servers. Noone knows about its details. So there is a minimum possibility to reach this server. At this point, you might be wondering how the heck Kodi is streaming then?. In order to reach this remote server, there is a portal. The Movie Database (TMDB) is a portal. By scraping this portal, the contents are added. And while we are streaming movies or any content, first providers list will be scrapped. All these are scraped from TMDB. And actual hosters links the movie in TMDB to its database. Kodi is just a tool in the big picture. Depends on the number of scrappers the fetching speed may differ. All these fetched links are decoded by URL Resolver to point the actual location. With these details, your favorite contents are streamed in your device.

Best kodi addons for subtitles

OpenSubtitles Kodi addon

open subtitles

Open Subtitles Kodi addon is the only addon you required to download the subtitles of all your favorite movies and TV shows. has a wide collection of subtitles for most of the movies. Open Subtitles Kodi addon is an official addon. You can find this addon under Kodi addon repository > subtitles. After installing, open the addon and link it to your account. If you are new user open in your web browser and register by creating a new account. Now configure your open subtitles Kodi addon by using your user id and password. This addon just acts as a portal to download your subtitles. For a detailed guide visit this post.

Best kodi addons for games

So far you would have seen Kodi as a media player application to watch movies, tv shows, live TV, sports and other things. But you know what?! Kodi is more than what you have thought. With Kodi, you can even play your favorite games. Yes, it is now possible to integrate various gaming emulators and its ROMs on Kodi. Once you have configured them on Kodi, you can enjoy playing games. Apart from that, there are also few addons that you can just install directly and start playing the game.

Before we look into the list of best kodi addons for gaming, have a quick look at the best gaming controllers.

Follow the below table to checkout the list of kodi gaming addons and its repo name and URL info for easy installation.

Game AddonsRepo NameRepo URL
Internet Archive ROM LauncherSuperrepo
Netwalk GameTeam KodiDefault
Rom Collection BrowserTeam KodiDefault
Free ROMs DownloaderSuperrepo
Advanced LauncherKodil

Internet Archive ROM Launcher

internet archive rom launcher

This is one of the bulk kodi addons that is built for gaming. The total size of the zip file is around 51 mb. You can either install it from superrepo or directly download it here. This addon works based on the internet archive. It scrapes the old games from the web archive and integrates them on kodi. The user interface is very friendly when compared to other kodi game addons.

Once you have opened the addon you would find a huge list of folders. Each folder has many subfolders where you can find a huge list of games. Once you open a game you will find three options that are download, launch, and exit. On clicking launch, it will load the game from the web archive. Now you can start playing your favorite good old games.


Blackjack is one of the simple addons that is built for kodi. You can directly play this game without any sort of integration. Anyone can install it from the Superrepo -> Program Addons. It is one of the best time killer game if you are a big fan of cards. The controls are pretty simple. You will only find the two options that are Draw and Stand. Based on your predictions you just need to select whether you are going to draw or stand. Hope you spend some good time with this simple Blackjack game on Kodi.

Netwalk Game

Netwalk game

Netwalk is one of the best time killer just like candy crush. Its kind of a puzzle game where you need to connect all the terminals to the server by rotating the tiles. It is available as a program addon in the official kodi addon repository. I am sure you will enjoy playing it for hours and hours.

Rom Collection Browser

rom collection browser

It is one of the masterpieces from the official Kodi team which we would probably have not known about. Rom Collection Browser is a Kodi game addon that can be used to integrate other gaming emulators and ROMs with Kodi. Once you have installed the Rom Collection Browser addon it will prompt to create the config file. Then you can either scrap the game info and artwork online or locally. Here we need to select the gaming platform. After that, we got to select the path of the ROM files. By this way, the different games can be integrated with Kodi and played.

Free ROMs Downloader

free roms kodi addon

Remember, we discussed adding the ROMs while configuring the Roms Collection Browser in the last section? As many of us are using Kodi on Smart TV, it is a bit difficult to download the ROM files in firestick and configure them. This Free Roms kodi addon has come with a solution. Yes, Free Roms kodi addon will help you to download the gaming ROMs directly on your device. All you need to do is just create a directory. Once done, you can browse and play these games using Rom Collection Browser.

Advanced Launcher

advanced launcher kodi addon

Advanced Launcher is one of the powerful addon developed by Angelscry. You can install it from the Kodil Repository. Once you have installed the addon you will find a folder named default. Clicking on that you will find a popup menu with the following options…

  • Standalone Launcher – Used for running the executable files of PC directly on Kodi
  • Files Launcher – Best for launching the emulators on Kodi
  • Query Launcher – Search Engine used for finding the files
  • Favorite Launcher – For adding your favorites to Kodi
  • Manage Sources – Used for managing the list of sources you have added

Best kodi addons for News

We kodi users, mostly use it for watching the movies, tv shows, anime, cartoon and live TV only. But you know what?! Kodi is beyond that 😉 With kodi you can even watch the NEWS. Not only the Live News TV Channels, you can even watch the clips of old news with Kodi. In this section, we are going to share some of the official kodi addons that are meant for News.

Fox News

fox news kodi addon

Fox News is a well known American based News channel owned by the Fox Entertainment Group. If you are a regular visitor of Fox News channel then you can directly watch it from this kodi addon. Fox news is an official kodi addon from the Team Kodi. It has got two major categories such as Fox News and Fox Business News. Each category has got a video range of subcategories. You can navigate to your favorite section. Moreover, they have listed the News based on the date. You can watch the even very old news with the Fox News Kodi addon. This addon won’t stream the live TV. If you want to watch Fox News live then check out the best kodi live tv addons section in this article.


cnn kodi news addon

CNN also known as Cable News Network is one of the top-notch news networks in the world. It has got a huge base of visitors every day. CNN can also be watched in Kodi using the official CNN kodi addon. It has a huge database of all the videos covering various topics like Business, Entertainment, Health, Justice, Living, CNNMoney, Politics, Technology, Style, Travel, TV, World, and Weather news.


newson kodi addon

NewsON is yet another official kodi addon for news. It includes newscasts and video clips based on different locations across the United States. If you are interested in news corresponding to a particular city or state, then NewsON is the best addon. The streaming of videos is instant. The quality of videos is also pretty cool. Just select the state from which you want to watch the news and enjoy streaming them.

How to install kodi addon?

Basically, there are two methods for installing a kodi addon. The first method is by using a repo URL. The second method involves installation from the zip file. Let us describe the first method now.

Method 1: Using Repo URL

1.Select settings option from the top of your home screen.

2. In the system settings window choose file manager.

3. Double click on add source to add the repo URL.

4. Select <NONE> in add file source dialog box.

5. Here you need to enter the repository URL of the desired addon. (The repo URLs of all addons are available in the master table)

6. Enter a name for this repository, for easy identification.

7. Click OK to add this to file source list.

8. Navigate back to your home screen, choose addons from the left pane.

9. Choose package installer/ Addon browser icon at the top left.

10. Select install from ZIP file

11. Select the repository of the desired addon.

12. Select repository Zip file, to download and install the repository from the source.

13. After successful installation, a notification will pop up at the top right corner of the screen.

14. Next, select install from repository.

15. From the list of available repository, choose the repository of the addon which you want to install.

16. Select the addon category from the list of available category

17. Search and select the addon which you want to install.

18. Select install, from the addon information page.

19. Wait for some time… As soon as the addon installed you will receive addon installed notification.

20. Now open the addon from addon information page or navigate to addons menu on your home screen and open from there.

That’s about the installation of kodi addon using Repo URL. Now let’s check out the next method.

Method 2: Using Zip File

If you have noticed the table, for some of the addons you will find the Zip download link. So if you want to install those addons, follow the steps given below.

1.Download the zip file and store in your device.

2. Open kodi and select the addons option from the left pane.

3. Select the package installer/ addon browser icon at the top left.

4. Then chose install from Zip file.

5. Now choose the zip file that you have downloaded.

6. The addon will now get installed directly.

This is the second way of installing a kodi addon.


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