Bubbles kodi addon installation guide & Review

There are many addons available on Kodi that will let you watch free movies and Tv shows. Bubbles kodi addon too provides the same. But what is the advantage of using Bubbles kodi addon? How is it different from other addons? We will see here. Bubbles addons are more or less similar to other addons but it provides seeds which give you more options to stream. This provides you with a lot of additional supports from trakt, fan art and much more. Moreover, Bubbles kodi addon is optimized for Premiumize, RealDebrid, and EasyNews (usenet). We shall see how to install Bubbles kodi addon first and then later we can discuss how to use it.

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How to install Bubbles kodi addon?

1.Open the Kodi app. As soon as you open the Kodi, you could see the desktop as given below. Just click on the settings button on the window.

2. Open the file manager.

3. Tap on add source to add the required source file.

4. Now the dialog box will open up, just double click on none and give ok.

5. Then a screen will show up, where you need to enter the Bubbles kodi repo URL “http://tinyurl.com/bubkodi” without any mistakes. Remember if you make any mistakes the path will not be added and will lead to error.


6. Now choose a desired name for the file. Here I choose it as ‘bubkodi’. Then press ok. Remember the name should not have been used before.

7.  Next go back to the main menu by pressing ESC key. Then click on add-ons in the menu.

8. Now on the top left corner, you can find an icon like unzipper, just click on it.

9. Then on the next screen press install from zip file to add the source file.

10. Under the zip from file box you can find various files, just hang on to ‘bubkodi'(whatever name you save the repository file, as shown in step 6).


11.On the next page, you can see two options like smash repo and repo colossus. If you want to watch adult movies choose colossus repo. Now click on repository.bubbles.1-2.0.0.zip. 


12. Now a pop-up will appear in the top right corner, once the zip file is installed. That’s about the installation of Bubbles kodi repository. Let’s now explore some of the cool features of this awesome Bubble kodi repository.

How to watch movies and Tv shows with Bubble kodi addon?

We have seen how to install Bubbles repository. Bubbles kodi addon is provided by this repository. Now let’s see how to install and watch movies and Tv shows using Bubbles kodi addon.

1.Open Bubbles repo by clicking on install from repository.

2. Here you can see the list of available repositories in your system. You have to select  Bubbles Repository 1.

3. You can find four options like Add-on repository, Look and feel, program add-ons and Video add-ons on the next screen. Double click on video add-ons.

4.Here you can find the Bubbles addon. Just tap on it.

5.It will take you to the add-on information page. Here you can find the install button at the bottom of the screen. Just tap on it to start the installation procedure. Once you click on it, you can see the progress in the download. It will take a few seconds to download the required files and for the process of installation

bubbles kodi addon

6.Once it is installed, you will get a notification that the add-on is installed and ready to use. Then click on Bubbles kodi addon again. Now you can find the open button at the left bottom corner of the screen. Just click on it to open the addon.

7. When you get into the addon, a pop-up will open asking you to choose one from the following.

1.Premiumize (paid service)

2.RealDebrid (paid service)

3.Hoster (free service)

Choose anyone from them. Initially, let us try Hoster. Click on Hoster. Then it will pop up a series of questions continuously to set up the Bubbles wizard.

  • It will ask you to set your primary, secondary and tertiary language.
  • Primary language is English by default. So press keep.
  • Secondary language -if you want to change, click Change else press Keep.
  • Tertiary language- if you want to change, click Chang else press Keep.


  • Trakt account activation
  • Fanart account activation
  • Premiumize, high-quality streaming service.
  • RealDebrid, another high-quality streaming service.
  • EasyNews, service to get quality sources from Usenet.

If you don’t want to have them, just click on skip and press continue.

It will ask you if you wish to set the timeout to default or custom. Choose default and proceed. Then it will ask you if you want a VPN, just click skip and proceed. That’s it. Now you can complete the setup wizard for Bubbles kodi addon. Once it is complete you can see the categories like Movies, Shows, Docus, Sh, rts and Kids. Let me choose Shows. Here you can find a lot of categories for choosing the Tv shows. The easiest way to find the shows is through genres. Go to genres and choose the genre of the Tv show you are expecting. Then choose the Tv show and the episode you want to watch.

It will take some times to get input from all the providers. So kindly wait for a few seconds. Once the process is complete, it will provide you with the list of providers from which you can choose from.

The procedure is simple. But the initial set up takes a long time and it is really not the one which users expect. You can follow the same procedure for watching Movies, Docus and Kids videos too. I hope the installation of bubbles kodi addon is clear. Do comment below in case of any queries.


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