How to install kodi on firestick without pc? {3 methods}

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Before we proceed with “How to install kodi on Firestick without PC?“, we first need to know about the Firestick. A Firestick is a handy device which resembles similar to a flash drive. It is an Amazon’s product which they call it as a Fire TV stick. The first generation of this device was released in November of 2014 while the second generation during October 2016. It is a device which can be plugged-in to the HDMI port of your TV. This enables us to stream online contents from sites like YouTube, Netflix, and much more through Wi-Fi connections.  It is one of the amazing devices of Amazon. You might think of viewing the content provided by Kodi on this amazon’s Firestick if you own one. Today I’m going to provide you a tutorial for the process to add kodi to Firestick.

How to install kodi on firestick without pc


Usually to install kodi on firestick most would opt for a PC. But still many would not have a system ready for kodi installation purpose. So you need worry about it. Even without pc one can easily install kodi on firestick. It’s not a rocket science. For our users comfort we are sharing three different methods to install kodi on firestick. For better understanding about how to load kodi on Firestick without PC, we gonna provide step-by-step procedures from the scratch till end below.


Method 1: Kodi installation with ES File explorer

  1. Firstly, turn on the television powered by your Firestick device. In the home screen of the device, you can see the setting tabs on the left bottom. If click on the settings tab, it would show multiple options like display, audio settings, etc. In that, you need to select System settings option which you can find, before the last option of the settings tab.
  2. kodi on firestick without pcIf you click the settings option which is shown above, it will show multiple options. In that, you need select the Developer option. In the developer option, you have to make sure whether both ADB debugging and Apps from unknown sources are in on state. If not, click on both the choices.
  3. Once you finish the process mentioned above, go back from settings tab and go to the top of the page where you can find search tab. In that, type ES File Explorer and search for this thing. Once you got this, click on it to download this application. Once it is got downloaded, install the package and open the ES file explorer.
  4. When you open this application, you can see the page as if shown in the above image. This is the home page of the ES File explorer. In this page, you can see a “+” symbol at the center bottom of the screen.
  5. Click on the symbol mentioned in the previous step. This is meant for adding a new page. You can also click favorites to add the desired page to it. Once clicked, you will get a new box being opened. In that, you can see two field spaces namely path and name. The image above shows the box which I have mentioned now.
  6. In the Path field, you need to type as denoted in the image above. After filling up this to the field type a desired name in the Name field in the box, you need to click OK.
  7. After clicking OK, it will automatically redirect it to the website which you have entered in the path field of the box which I have mentioned before. It will take to the Kodi’s website. The image shows the home page of the Kodi website.
  8. In the home page of kodi website, you can see downloads tab on the top of the page. Click this downloads tab will take you to the download section of this page. That page would look like the image given above.
  9. In this page, you need to look towards the android symbol. In that click on the ARM link which is available below the android icon. Since kodi doesn’t have any special downloads meant for the fire OS, we are needed to choose the android file of Kodi.
  10. The moment after you clicked the ARM link, after few seconds it would start downloading the kodi application file for the android device. You can also minimize this downloading dialog box and can retrieve from the download history which you can find at the right bottom of the screen with a symbol of three dots placed vertically.
  11. After downloading the android file of the kodi application successfully, it would show the dialog box like the one mentioned in the image. It prompts you to do one of the following, say Open folder or Open file. For that, you need to click on the open file option.
  12. Once you click on the Open file option, it will show another dialog box prompting you to either install the file or cancel the process. In that, you need to click on the Install button at the right bottom of the box. The above image shows you that property box.
  13. When clicked on the install button, it will take you to another page again asking you to click on Install or cancel buttons. Click on the Install button. It will take a few seconds for the installation of the file. After the installation of the Kodi apk file, the screen would change to the one similar to the image shown above.
  14. Once you click open, in the page mentioned in the previous step, it will direct you to the current version of Kodi. The image shown above is how you would see in your Firestick powered television.
  15. The stuff which we expected has been done successfully. We got installed Kodi on the Amazon’s Firestick successfully. You can open Kodi by choosing it from the Apps tab which you can find it on the home page of the Firestick device. The image above shows you the kodi application’s icon in the apps tab. It can be clicked to open it for the future uses.


Method 2: Install kodi on firestick without computer & with Downloader application

  1. This alternative method is to install kodi on Firestick without using PC and the ES file explorer which we mentioned in the previous method. The initial steps are similar to the previous methods, like making ADB debugging and Apps from unknown sources to the ON state which you can find in the device settings.
  2. Once the initial settings are done, you need to find Downloader from the search option provided on the home page of the Firestick device. You need to download this Downloader and install it.
  3. Once downloader is installed, it opens the page as if shown in the above image. In this page, you need to type the site link to download a particular file. In this field, you need type “”. This will redirect it to download the kodi file.
  4. Once you give the link and click download, it will start downloading. After downloading, it would ask directly to install Kodi. Once you give install, Kodi will get installed and you can open this application by using Firestick.



  1. In this alternative method also the initial steps are similar to the previous methods, like making ADB debugging and Apps from unknown sources to the ON state which you can find in the device settings.
  2. You need to note down the IP address of you stick device which you can get it from the ‘About’ tab found in system settings.
  3. Go to Google Play Store. In that, search and download the application called as ‘apps2fire’ and install it.
  4. Also, download and Install the Kodi App from the Google Play store.
  5. Launch the apps2fire app on your android device and in the setup tab of that app you have to type in the IP address of your TV which we have noted before and make sure it is got saved.
  6. After saving the IP address, click on the Fire TV Apps to check out whether the Firestick device is connected to the mobile device.
  7. install kodi on firestick without pcIf you find that the connection if found to be established, you need to do is clicking on the Local Apps tab. In that, you have select on the Kodi app which we have installed before to your mobile. Just install this app to get installed in your fire device.
  8. Once the apps2fire show that the Kodi app is installed, check your TV powered by Firestick whether it is installed properly. You can find the Kodi application in the Apps tab of the home screen of your device. It is one of the simplest ways to install kodi on Firestick device.



Finally, you all might have understood the process behind adding Kodi to the Firestick. If you read the whole article carefully, there will not be any chance of occurrences of errors. We hope that this article could be very much useful to you all. Enjoy the videos of Kodi in your Amazon’s Firestick powered television.

If you still face any issues with the installation of kodi on firestick without computer then feel free to drop a comment. Have a great day folks!


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