Kodi No More?!?! Kodi rebrands to XBMC?! Kodi only support Xbox One?!

The official blog of Kodi has recently published a post on April 1st, 2018. This post made a huge hype among the Kodi users. In that blog post, it was said that, as Google has removed the autocomplete for the word “Kodi”, the developers have decided to rebrand Kodi as the old XBMC version.

If you are not aware of the Google’s autocomplete feature, let me explain it briefly. While you google for some search terms it will automatically fill the keyword depending on your search. Likewise, if you are entering “Ko” or “Kod” it will automatically display the word “Kodi”. But after a recent update, Google doesn’t auto suggests the word Kodi.

This was the actual statement published in the post…

“As many of you may have noticed, Google has decided to remove autocomplete support for the word Kodi. While the team finds this move disappointing, we’ve determined a real solution for the problem. While Kodi no longer autocompletes, XBMC still does! As such, starting today, we are officially changing our name back to XBMC.”

And another big shock was the news about the shutting down of support for all the platforms except Xbox One.

The statements said in the article is as follows…

“We’ve had a good long run being a multi-platform system, but at the end of the day covering six or more platforms has become far too much of a stress. Android support alone taxes our resources in a way no volunteer development team can ever reasonably be expected to handle. And all the other platforms just makes this worse. So, in an executive decision that we believe the entire community will support, we at Team XBMC have decided to fully embrace our roots.

Starting today, we would like to announce that we are exclusively supporting only the Xbox One. We will be disabling support for all other platforms in the forum starting immediately and will begin shifting our website to reflect this change in the very near future. The work to make Kodi for Xbox a premier platform has finally paid off!”

With that being said, it was also mentioned that the upcoming version of Kodi 18.0 will be renumbered as XBMC 3.0.0! It was also said that the release can be expected in this April or at the early days of May month!

So what do you think about this announcement? Do you think that it’s a trick played by the Kodi team for the All Fools Day? We hope so!

So we have created a poll on our facebook page to take a quick survey! If you want retain Kodi itself, then vote for Kodi 18.0 and if you support the rebranding of Kodi to XBMC then vote for 3.0.0.

Moreover, if you feel that, it is an All’s fools day prank, then comment your views below. Do share this post with all your friends and families to extend our support for Kodi!


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