TDB wizard kodi step by step installation guide with pictures

Though there are a number of wizard available for kodi, TDB wizard is something that you would like the most. Below listed are some of the services offered by TDB wizard.

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  • Maintenance such as clear device, clear cache, delete thumbnails, purge packages, convert paths to special
  • Full reset for clean build installation
  • Advanced Settings
  • Speed Test
  • Build Updates
  • Latest Kodi apk files

This article will guide you in installing the TDB wizard on Kodi.


How to install TDB Wizard on Kodi?

  1. tdb wizardThe initial step you need to do is opening Kodi. Open Kodi and go to the FILE MANAGER options which you can find it On the SYSTEM tabs.
  2. tdb wizard kodiOpening the FILE MANAGER will open up the page which looks as if you see above. In that, you need to scroll down to the ADD SOURCE option.
  3. Open that ADD SOURCE option will show out a box shown above. In it is provided with two text fields, one for the link and the other for the name.
  4. In the field where it prompts the path for the media locations, type http://www/ repo and click on the DONE virtual button. After that, enter a desired name in the field provided like TDB or TDB WIZARD.
  5. After finishing the previous step, get back to the home screen and click on the settings option from the system tab. In that, scroll to the ADD-ONS option.
  6. Inside that option, it has been given with a list of options in it. In that, just click on the INSTALL THE ZIP FILE options.
  7. Once you open the option mentioned in the previous step, it brings out a screen as if shown in the image. In that, you need to click on the TDB file which we have saved before.
  8. It will open up a screen when you click on the TDB file. This screen shows a repository zip file. You need click on that file.
  9. tdb wizard not workingOnce you clicked the zip file, you need to wait until you get the pop-up message indicating the installation of the TDB Builds repository.
  10. Once you get the pop-up message that ADD-ON UPDATED you need to open the INSTALL FROM REPOSITORY options found in the Add-ons screen.
  11. After that, it will open up a page containing the entries. In that, Click on the TDB BUILDS REPOSITORY. Once you open that it will show an option .TDB WIZARD. Click on that option.
  12. It will open the screen like the image shown. Click on the install option. After the installation process, it will show a pop-up message indicating TDB Wizard Add-on Updated. That’s it, it is installed successfully and you can open it on the programs tab on your screen.


Beware of the fact that “TDB Wizard” is a banned add-on. It is not supported by the XBMC/Kodi team and has been banned from mentioning on their forum. Even then the Kodi team doesn’t limit on the installs and Uninstalling function they don’t want the users to mention it on any of their websites. If you are in need of the support, there are instructions mentioned inside of the Wizard.

It is advisable using a VPN with a “kill switch” feature. This will help you to protect your privacy and allow you to overcome any restrictions you face. Please be aware of the online fraud that happens most now days.  Take measures to protect your privacy to get away from the fraudulent.



Here are some TDB wizard error questions raised by the users and reply to their frequently asked questions from the TDB wizard forum.

  • When track laying version 2 of NWE, I have found a TDB wizard not working on track. However, this is in a section of track that is part of V1!!! (However it doesn’t appear in V1). The route won’t handle a TDB re-build, so I need to manually edit the TDB file. I’m fairly sure that I have managed to identify the offending section, which is outlined in red below.
  • But how do I edit this out?? Simply deleting the section results in a crash, or “failure to load TDB” error message. I know exactly what caused it… to do minor terrain adjustments I normally use a short track section and the ‘Y’ key. The problem in question was caused by using the a1t0_3m section. I deleted it (so I thought!) and although it isn’t listed in the .w file, for some reason the nodes are still registered in the TDB.
  • However, MSTS seems to recognize it as a totally separate track piece, and although it shows in AE as two very close together black dots sitting on the track to the west of Hale wood, this doesn’t result in a broken path. Can anyone assist?

FIX: Replace the files with another different piece of track then surely trains will go over it then despite the blue poles? Oh and Warrington Railways was put on the back burner for a while. V2 won’t come even close to the size of NWE, I’ve just concentrated on certain parts of the route so I get them right because I don’t have the time these days to go the whole hog to Preston etc.

  • Hi There, I’ve installed the 6th October version of The Beast on my Fire TV stick but I get an error message saying “the team TDB repository is not installed. It is a requirement of the TDB Wizard to have the repo installed; do you want to install the TDB repo now?”I click yes and get a TDB Wizard error come up. Can anyone help with this please?

FIX: Just ignore it and don’t try to install it buddy as the TDB team are having some issues at the moment so it doesn’t work. Sods law really we update a build and one of the Addons runs into problems. But as I said don’t bother for now and I will let you know when it does get back up and running.

  • Looking at the log viewer and it reads ERROR:CGUI Media window::Get directory(plug in://) failed

FIX: Seems like you are missing an add-on, are there any other error messages in the log?


  • Check the log for more information?” error

FIX: Clear the Cache and Purge Packages. Now open the Maintenance Tool add-on and choose General Maintenance. Select Clear Cache and further select Purge Packages and Click Yes when it prompts to delete files. Now go back to the home screen and exit from Kodi in the Power icon located on the left bottom corner of your screen.

  • Kodi Error- Working Circle spins for a long time

 FIX: It is assumed that their Android TV Box is frozen and blamed the hardware for the issue.  The users think that something is wrong with their Android TV Box and it need to be replaced.  When you are directed to an external link source and the file is not there, sometimes Kodi will continue to try to connect to that link for an extended period of time.  The working icon at the bottom of the screen continues to spin until Kodi decides to time out and will normally deliver the “Play Back Failed One or More items failed to play.

Check the log for more information”.  TDB wizard kodi will time out within 30 seconds.  Follow the below steps to force Close Kodi and then open it again and find a new link.

  • Click on the Settings Icon
  • Click on Other
  • Click on More Settings
  • Click on Apps
  • Click on Kodi
  • Click on Clear Cache
  • Click on Force Stop
  • Click OK

Press the Home button on your resume.


Isolate the problem by removing the user data and uninstalling the add-on.  And then upgrade to the newest version.  There may be versions of add-ons that are not officially added to the repository that can fix the problem.  After the above steps, test these bugs on multiple devices.  Reproducing the bug on multiple devices will determine whether or not the source of the bug is the user’s hardware or the Kodi itself.  If the bug is successfully reproduced on at least two or more devices, then it is more likely that the problem is with Kodi. If you need more details on Kodi and its functions and various details kindly visit the official website which has TDB guide for Kodi.


Hope you enjoyed our article. If you face any issues with installation or some sort of errors, don’t hesitate to leave a comment!

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