Wumpa Fruit Kodi Addon Installation Guide and Review

Wumpa Fruit is a new Kodi Add-on. It’s a video addon that enables the users to stream all media content. The theme of this addon is based on the famous Wumpa fruit Crash Bandicoot games. It comes with a huge database which is categorized into 10 section. These categories include Movies, TV shows, Box sets, Kids box sets, Featured collection and much more. Each category is further classified into sub-folders and it helps the users to navigate with ease. The Wumpa Fruit Kodi addon is located in Bandicoot Builds Repository. Let us see the installation procedure for Wumpa Fruit addon on Kodi.

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Steps to Install Wumpa Fruit Kodi Addon

1. Select the settings gear icon at the top left of the home page.

2. Select the File manager.

3. Select Add source file from the left side.

4. Add source file tab will pop-up. Now, select none.

5. Type the exact URL: http://coots.co/bcrepo/ and select OK.

6. Enter a name for the source file. Here we name it as wumpa and select OK.

7. Check the URL and source file name. Then select OK.

8. Go back to the home page and select Add-ons.

9. Select the package installer icon at the top left corner.

10. Select Install from zip file.

11. Install from zip file tab will pop-up, search the source file name(wumpa) and select it.

12. Select repository.bandicootbuilds-1.8.1.zip

13. Wait until the repository file gets downloaded and a notification pop-up appears at the top right corner (saying Bandicoot Builds repository addon installed).

14. Now select Install from repository.

15. Select the Bandicoot Build repository.

16. Select Video Add-ons.

17. Select Wumpa Fruit.

18. Select Install.

Wumpa Fruit Kodi Addon Review

On opening the Wumpa Fruit Kodi Addon, you will be able to find 10 sorted categories. Each category contains content based on different genre.


  • Inside this section, there are 9 sub-divisions. The movies are segregated based on Year, Genre, Production, Actor or Actress, TMDB popular, TMDB now playing, TMDB Top rated.
  • If you are a die-hard fan of DC or Marvel, then this section is only for you. This addon has a special section in the Movie category, dedicated only for DC and Marvel movies.
  • In Movies by year folder, you can find movies from the year 1900 to 2018.
  • Similarly, each section contains a huge content which is sorted and arranged in a perfect manner.

TV Shows

Here it has 4 sub-folders namely TV network(Provided with 40+ popular tv channels), TV genre (the TV shows are categorized based on genre), TMDB Popular, and TMDB Top Rated. The last two section contains a huge collection of popular Tv Shows.

Box Sets

This is one of the best categories, as it has the collection of all movies. For an instant, if we take Fast and Furious, Inside that folder you will have all the series of FF movies. It brings you all your favorite movie collection in one click.

Mr. Coots Apples

It contains 11 sub-folders which include Mr. Coots movies, TV shows, HD movies, concerts, sports catchup, etc.

Fitz’s Scottish Apples

Here you can find Scottish content including movies, TV shows, Documentaries, and concerts.


This section has an average of 300+ concert video, highlights.


Wumpa Fruit Kodi Addon is preferable for users who are looking for Video-on-Demand. It contains a wide range of content. Its theme is so colorful, it is somewhat fun to add this addon on the list. We have listed some of the interesting features of this add-on, but there is a lot to explore. If you find any issues in the installation process or any feedback, kindly comment below.

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