Cannot download OBB Kodi firestick error fixing {Solved}

Are you facing cannot download OBB Kodi Firestick error? This guide will help you to fix it using three different ways.

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OBB (Opaque binary blob) is a term used in network engineering and computer science. It refers a sizeable piece of data which looks like binary garbage. OBB file is a file which is created by developers along with some APK packages to support the application. These OBB files carry encrypted data which includes media and graphics that is not included in the APK file. OBB files are not an Android application that you install. It is the application data files used for data expansion. OBB allows you to pack up large files and store them in the SDcard in a way that only your application can decrypt and use them. Here in this article we are going to see the common kodi issues “Cannot download obb” and how to fix it 🙂


1.Kodi error cannot download obb on firestick

It says that Kodi cannot download obb on fire stick. First, load Kodi on firestick through Apps2fire. But whenever I try to open Kodi, it simply says “cannot download obb.” Although .obb files are there in the SDcard/Android/obb, and if I delete the file, it appears to be downloaded again when I open Kodi next time. To get rid of this error, first, push Kodi APK files and install ES file explorer on the stick. Second, find the Kodi APK file and install it. It always works.

2.Error cannot download obb

If side load on AFTV using agk fire and get the same message “error cannot download obb.” The solution for this error is to use either ES files explorer or the agk. Then .obb file will be loaded straight away. It is easier to use ES explorer to install Kodi on Amazon devices. Secondly, try a factory reset. And make sure to have enough space on your Fire TV for the installation.

3.Cannot download obb on Kodi & error explained

Many users get the alert message that “cannot download obb” error after installing Kodi. When this error happens, click “OK” and second time launches the Kodi again. You will not receive the “cannot download obb” error and Kodi continued to work successfully. But if you start Kodi a second time and still get the obb error message, then try following fixes.

How to fix the error cannot download obb in Kodi

Try these other solutions, if you tried launching Kodi again and gets cannot download obb error message repeatedly.

  • First, uninstall Kodi and then reinstall Kodi using the same method which you used to install Kodi for the very first time.
  • Second, uninstall Kodi and then reinstall Kodi using a different method than the previous method.

How to install Kodi?

Here are the ways to install Kodi.

  • Sideload Kodi to Fire TV with Android ( Without ES file explorer)

Side loading Kodi is one of the easiest and reliable ways to install Kodi on Fire Stick or Fire TV. Go to Google play store -> Install Apps2Fire -> Get IP address -> Local apps to find Kodiàpress Install and launch Kodi. We can side load Kodi in any Android devices such as Android TV boxes, Amazon Fire Tablet, Amazon Fire Stick & TV, and more.

  • Sideload Kodi on FireTV with iPhone/iPad

We use iPhone to download the Kodi installer and to a drop box, then use the ES file explorer app for Fire TV to install the Kodi. Enable ADB debugging -> Install Dropbox or Google Drive -> Download ARM version-> Install ES File ExploreràDownload and open it.

Why the error message “cannot download obb” occurs?

From the research, we found out some key points of information about “cannot download obb error”: they are,

  • First of all, this is an Android related error. Not a Kodi error.
  • Second, Android applications which are over 50MB are divided into multiple files within the APK file which are similar to a zip file. So the obb file acts as an overage. The “cannot download OBB” error indicates that all the Kodi files may not have fully installed to your Firestick or Fire So try to fix this and reinstall Kodi.
  • Third, users who install Kodi on Firestick or Fire TV using the Android side load method experience the error message “cannot download OBB” much inferior when compared to users who install it in another way where a side load method using iPhone. If this is a case, uninstall Kodi and then reinstall Kodi.

If the error “cannot download obb” message continues after trying these solutions, let us know the comments on the KFireTv for further process.


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