Best Kodi Fight addons to watch all the PPV, UFC, Boxing & MMA events

As we all know Kodi started its journey as a media player for XBox. Due to its versatility, Kodi had become the most used streaming player.  If you analyze the trend of Kodi for the past 3 years, most of them use it to stream movies and TV Shows. Then people later started to watch Live TV channels, PPV matches, UFC, and Boxing fights. Most of the users are searching for the best Kodi fight addons to watch all the live fighting match in the same place. UFC and MMA are top of this list. Since both UFC and MMA are broadcasted on the PPV basis, a user needs to pay a particular amount to watch both of these events. So we had decided to give you the list of best Kodi fight addons, with which you can watch all the fights for free.

VPN for Kodi
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Before we proceed let’s share a personal message. All the UFC and MMA contents are subjected to copyrights and can be broadcast only by the provider with the distributor rights. Illegal access to those streams is prohibited and subjected to a lawsuit. So try this method at a own risk. If you want to protect yourself from being tracked by your ISP or Government, then we highly recommend you to use VPN. We personally use IPVanish VPN to keep our online activity anonymous. So quickly sign up for IPVanish and enjoy watching Kodi fight anonymously.

After connecting to IPVanish, install any of the following addons to watch all the Kodi fights for free.

kodi fight

Best Kodi Fight addons to watch live PPV, UFC, Boxing and MMA matches

These addons are dedicated specially for the Kodi fight streams. Let’s check it out.

Fight Tube

Fight tube is one of the best addon dedicated for watching Kodi fight. You can watch all the fights with this single addon. This addon is available in Rock Crusher repository. It holds the streams of 46 Live TV channels. It includes boxing, UFC, wrestling, Judo, Kung Fu, MMA, Jiu-Jitsu, kickboxing, Karate, Taekwondo, wrestling. and lots of sports channels streaming links. This is the largest category of fights sections, under a single addon. This is one of the prime reason it holds the first place. In addition, it also has a few special sections like Behind the gloves, boxing legend, and news & updates. These are some of the additional collection to provide the users with some useful stuff. And most of the contents are scraped from youtube channels and other private servers. So make sure to try this addon. You won’t be disappointed.

REPOSITORY NAME: Rock Crusher Repository


Planet MMA

Planet MMA needs no introduction. It is the best kodi addon to watch MMA, UFC and boxing fight on Kodi. It is one of the most reliable addons. It is a one-stop destination for all your UFC needs. You can watch live events, highlights and replay matches. In addition to that, it also has a special section like Pioneers of MMA, Ultimate fighter series, Documentaries about the fighters, and Learning techniques to honor the fighters. In addition to that, it also has sections like MMA Mindset, Top Ten, Born to fight, and first person. These are the special section, where you can find the best of the best. You can watch UFC live in Fight Night Live section. UFC Fight Night and MMA Fight night section are used to watch the replay matches of UFC and MMA respectively. The contents are categorized on the server in which its located. They are labeled as UFC openload, Bellator openload, MMA openload, TUF openload. These are corresponding contents hosted in openload. DK top 200 and DK picks are personalized collection. This amazing addon is located in the supremacy repository.

REPOSITORY NAME: Supremacy Repository


Supremacy Sports

Supremacy repository has a fair share in hosting the best sports addons of all time. Supremacy is the most trusted sports repository. And though it has few addons, all of them are working great and regularly updated. In the midst of this, supremacy had released its own sports addon named “Supremacy Sports”. In simple terms, this addons has the best features of other addons associated in the repository. Supremacy sports is an all in one sports addon with lots of working streams. Its contents are categorized into 16 categories which include,  live events, sports events, sports replays, sports channels, sports movies, IPTV channels, and some all in one stream. It has separate streams for some of the popular providers like BT Sports, Fox Sports, Pac 12 sports, Reddit soccer, and Acestream sports. The categorization is not user-friendly. After using it for a while, you will get used to it. And its the worst color scheme which I ever saw. In spite of all these drawbacks. the content is worth! You can install this addon from supremacy repository. If you are not satisfied with the addon, you can install Joker Sports kodi addon from Kodil Repository. Its a forked version of supremacy sports with an improved color scheme.

REPOSITORY NAME: Supremacy Repository




Sports Devil

It won’t be fair if I leave the all-time best sports addon, due to some temporary issue. Sports devil addon is not working in some countries. These dosn’t change the fact about sports devil. Most of the kodi sports addon was built on the basis of sports devil framework. This is one of the main reason. why some of the addons are not working fine. Sports Devil is one of the most simple addons with an amazing user interface. Its contents are categorized into Live sports, Sports TV, Live TV, and Highlights. Each of these sections has the direct streaming links from the provider site. Depending on your location some of these are working, and we can’t justify the pattern in which it works. Hope this issue will be solved soon. You can install Sports Devil Kodi addon from supremacy Repository.

REPOSITORY NAME: Supremacy Repository


Well, these are the best addons to watch all Kodi fight. Make sure to try these addons before the match day, so that you can experience the good time without any interruptions. Hope this article is informative. To install any of these addons, refer to the detailed installation procedures below every addon. If you are facing any issue with the installation of these addons, do comment below. We will do our best to solve your issue.

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