The Amazon Firestick developed by Amazon uses Advanced Streaming and Prediction (ASAP). It is used to predict contents to watch and to pre-buffer it in the background. During testing, it works well. ASAP not tend to kick if you flutter between different films or shows. Fire Stick is a media streamer, and it has an HDMI connection and micro USB port at extreme ends. Fire Stick setup has Amazon Fire Stick and remote, power adapter, two batteries, and HDMI extender. It is a very user-friendly device. It comes in two generations namely first and second generations.

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In this article, I have added a post on different issues related to Kodi Fire Stick and how to fix it.


Basically if you have not updated kodi on firestick then you may face some issues. So try updating to the latest version. 

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Kodi running slow on FireStick

Here we are going to see the problems created when the Fire Stick is running slow and how to fix the problems.

Reasons for why Fire Stick is running slow:

There are two reasons why the Stick is running slow. They are,

  • You should delete your cache

To fix the problem, let us try to delete your cache. Go to the System -> Maintenance section in the user guide for instructions.

  • Your internet or Wi-Fi connection is poor

To fix the problem, on your desktop computer, go to http://www.speedtest.net and run a test. To get a good experience out of your stick, your download should be at least from 5 mbps to 7 mbps. It is recommended to have over 15 mbps for the best experience. 

Other fixes:

If it is still running slowly, restart your Wi-Fi router and Kodi stick. Follow the steps, Unplug router -> wait for 10 seconds -> plug it to reset your router. We can reboot the fire stick by hold down the play/pause and selection button together. Else try moving the Kodi stick closer to your Wi-Fi router. After that, if you have a problem, try moving Kodi Fire Stick closer to Wi-Fi router.

How to Fix Kodi Fire Stick Buffering Issue

While watching an HD movie, Kodi Fire Stick keeps giving a message that “Buffer full.”

With the growing popularity of streaming movies, the streams accessible through Kodi will have become less reliable. There are causes for Fire Stick buffering issue that are increasing the popularity of Kodi and unreliable movie links.

  • First, try installing a stock FireTV app. Then verify your Fire Stick still has the buffering issue.
  • Move your Fire Stick away from your TV. Because some TVs cause RF interference which would interfere with the Wi-Fi signal and it causes Fire Stick to buffer unnecessarily. Get high-speed HDMI Extension Cable.

Fix power supply issue

  • Try using an initial 2Amp Samsung Micro USB power supply. So that users can have a much better performance from the power supply.
  • Do not use a quick charge cable. It may damage Kodi Fire Stick.
  • Another common cause for buffering, when the device which you are using does not have that much power to process the stream and download the data. It occurs when using low-powered devices. To get rid of this, get a higher-powered device.
  • With Navi-X, we can eliminate Fire Stick buffering issues by downloading the video completely before we watch it.

ISP throttling issue

Internet provider could throttle your bandwidth. It means that they will limit your internet speed less than what you pay for. It causes unnecessary Kodi buffering. Use a VPN to bring your streaming activity without buffering.

To fix this, use a secure service like IPVanish to hide your streaming activity.

Fire sharing system fix

If you have Fire Stick buffering problems when playing videos from the local network, try NFS file sharing instead of SMB file sharing. Else try network attached storage (NAS) drive which links your network and allows all connected devices to get accessed your video files.

Wi-Fi Analyzer

If you know about software Wi-Fi analyzer to see videos which are showing with less congestion, set your router to use interference free channels.

  • Get a WiPry-Pro iPhone/iPad spectrum analyzer to show Wi-Fi interference.
  • Check out the list of free Wi-Fi surveying tools. 

Zero cache fix for Kodi

  • In the Kodi main page, go to Maintenance tools and then install zero cache fix.
  • We can optimize Kodi with the TV add-ons maintenance

Try low-quality stream

If your internet connection cannot be able to handle 1080p, try 720p stream.

  • You could also try a gnarly Hi-power Wi-Fi router or DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem. Make sure the device should be compatible with your internet service provider.
  • On the other side, if you have fast internet connection, you can stream 4K movies from Amazon and Netflix using a 4K TV site.

Due to overheating

Since the Fire Stick has lots of power, it will get hot. Try using a small USB-powered mini desktop fan beside it, so it cools down. Cool electronic parts work better than hot parts.

Disk space fix

  • Go to Fire Stick main screen
  • SettingsàApplicationsàManage installed applications
  • Check the internal space, if it is at 1GB or less, clear some space
  • Choose an application using an amount of space and then select uninstall.
  • Once you have cleared space, Fire Stick buffering issue should get fixed.

Modify/Create the advanced settings.xml file

There are some advanced settings Xml changes can make fixes such as,

  • Disable logging
  • Adjust low power devices
  • Move library to My SQL
  • Set Kodi cache settings
  • Change video library scanning
  • Personalize playback controls.

Kodi Fire Stick buffering issue- Additional things

  • Power reset and updates your router
  • Test internet connection using speed test service
  • Reset Fire Stick to factory settings

These are the buffering issues occur in the Kodi Fire Stick and its fixes. Still, you find buffering problems and then go for powerful hardware like Gaming PC which provides a solution.

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