10+ Best Kodi 17 krypton builds & addons 2020

Kodi 17 builds- is an essential part of XMBC which brings pre-defined software includes various add-ons setup which is ready to run and allowing you to get into the streaming directly and pre-configure a lot of shortcuts to specific areas of add-ons.

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Kodi Krypton Builds 2018

Kodi krypton builds make easy to setup ready. Each Kodi 17 build is different and matches the user requirements. The reason behind why many people download Kodi 17 krypton builds is,

  • Easy to install
  • Offer newer users
  • Highly customizable
  • Many built-in streaming add-ons
  • Has unique skins and layouts

Here is the collection of top best Kodi 17 Krypton builds.

Best Kodi 17 Krypton Builds 2018

 1.No Limits Magic Build

No Limits Magic Kodi Build is one of the top best Kodi 17 krypton builds. It has a lot of things to like, and it is one of the most powerful and complete Kodi krypton builds 2017 available among all. No Limits Magic Kodi krypton build is a clean build and has an amazing layout with background pictures and also a good interface. It adopts the Aeon Nox 5 Silvo Skin and includes all top add-ons such as Exodus, Phoenix, and Specto. Inside the build, there are popular sections like movies, TV shows, live TV channels, Tools, UK Turks, XXX, and more which get organized on the homepage of Kodi. Besides we can get instant access on any device such as Android Boxes, FireStick, FireTV Stick, iOS, Windows, and Linux.

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2. The Tomb Raider Krypton Build

best kodi krypton build

The Tomb Raider Krypton build one of the best and the older builds. It is a fantastic build that includes popular add-ons such as Exodus, Phoenix, and much more. It has been updated to work with Kodi 17 krypton. It does not require an email address or any account information for the installation process. It can be installed simply. As this is the most important build, it has all the best add-ons which are suitable for movies, sports, TV shows, and more. People who are looking for Kodi 17 krypton, Tomb Raider Krypton is a good choice to start with. It is a worth build to get into. Sometimes the Tomb Raider build becomes overloaded and can come to slow for a download. This process happens because of overload. To get relieved from this, give it a few minutes to get refresh and try again

3. Hard Nox Build

best kodi krypton build 2017

Hard Nox build is also another best Kodi krypton builds 2017. It is an excellent build that uses the Aeon Nox 5: Silvo Skin. The most important thing is, it is the build for both the new Kodi 17 krypton and Kodi Jarvis. Like all other builds, Hard Nox builds has all top add-ons. It works with Kodi 17 krypton and includes all the top add-ons. Sometimes the skin of the build does not get set and needs to be switched off. At this condition, select interface settings, click skin and choose Silvo skin to get rid of the problem.

4. The Beast Kryptonite

 The Beast Kryptonite is one of the earliest Kodi builds and still it is going on well and strong. It is an updated Kodi build. It also contains updated Kodi 17 Krypton version loaded with every aspect as Kodi can offer. The Beast kryptonite works well with Kodi 17 Krypton with a new sleeker look. It has been available freely and has been updated steadily over the years. Before it was called as The Beast, now it has been created to work with Kodi 17 krypton, and it is called as the Beast Kryptonite. Like other builds and the previous version, it got installed all the top best add-ons and ready to run. There is a condition that an account from the build site needs to be setup with an email and password before the installation.

5. Duggz Build

Duggz build one of the best Kodi 17 krypton builds. It has been around and going strong. It is loaded with tons of contents including sports, world TV, fitness, movies and much more. Besides Duggz sports build is the perfect addition to the premier league football season. This Kodi build will allow you to watch any sports at any time. Like other builds, add-ons got fully installed with lots of live TV add-ons. Duggz builds one of the builds which have large fonts and spacing.

6. Apollo Build

Apollo build is also the best Kodi krypton build 2017. Apollo build is the Kodi build which contains lots of add-ons, and also has great contents like Exodus, Salts, movie mix, and more. It is one of the complete builds you can install. The latest versions such as Apollo build V7, Aione 2.7, and Apollo Lite have everything within it. Apollo builds for Kodi has been working well with krypton so far in testing. It can be installed through the Ares wizard. By Ares wizard installation, it needs PIN. So click to open a browser and get new PIN.

7. Wookie Build

Wookie build is another best Kodi krypton 17. It is a great build, very fast, and smooth. It has widgets which can appear only when you want to access them. Wookie build contains big fonts which make things moving around easily. All the popular Kodi add-ons are included along with live TV using UK TV, live mix, and more. The Wookie has two different skins; they are The New Look Wookie and the Retro Wookie. Both the skins are installed in the build. It streams live TV/IPTV, sports, movies, TV shows, kids section, music. It includes tools which need to keep your system clean and fast with a simple layout.

8. Dimitrology Build

Dimitrology build is a great build packed with full of add-ons. It has everything from movies and TV shows to live Tv and sports. It is a great build that runs very smoothly, and it is very responsive. It brings with a skin called “DimitrologyK” which is easy to get modified. Dimitrology has pre-installed add-ons such as Exodus, Phoenix, Oblivion steams, Apollo group TV, and much more.

9. SpinzTV Build

SpinzTV build is one of the best Kodi krypton builds released so far. It is a premium IPTV wizard for Kodi. It comprises all the latest add-ons and many great contents. It has its section. Finally, if you are looking to discover unknown Kodi add-ons, the SpinzTV Wizard is the best choice loaded with many add-ons.

10. Horizon Build

Horizon build is one of the best Kodi krypton builds 2017. It can be installed on different devices, and it contains two different versions of Kodi called Jarvis and Krypton. This build is the best Kodi, and it can be installed through Echo Repository- a massive update makes it easy to install and keep up to date. New TV guide and new add-ons like Kodi 16.1 and Kodi 17 are added.

11. JayHawk Build

JayHawk is another top Kodi 17 krypton builds 2017. It is one of the lightest builds ever and packed with full of add-ons such as project m, Zen, Evolve, movies, ccloud, Wrestling, music, and more. It is fully customizable.

12. Ethereal Build


Ethereal build is a nice build to install, and one of the best Kodi 17 krypton builds. The Ethereal build is a user-friendly build. It includes all popular add-ons like Good fellows, Phoenix, and more.  It has a special focus on sports section and IPTV which is exclusive to this build. It is the most reliable and updated Kodi 17 builds.

13. Ultra TT Build

Ultra TT build is another great Kodi 17 krypton. It is very easy to use rather than using default Kodi 17 Estuary skin interface. It is an awesome build which makes easy to organize your favorite TV channels, movies, and sports events. It got located in the Echo repository. Ultra TT build can be installed on Android TV, Amazon Firestick, and smart TV.

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14. Schism- All in one

Schism All in one is an attractive Kodi build. It has many good builds which can be switched by changing the skin. Changing the skin is very easy and can get these skins within settings. Each skin is loaded with content. For the installation, a code is needed. The code is free and can get from the schism site.

Wrapping Up

Hope you all enjoyed our collection of best kodi krypton builds of 2017. Now it’s your turn to test out all these kodi builds and share your experience with us.


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