Why Now is the Right Time to Change to Kodi 18 “Leia”

Hello Readers, it’s been a while! Hope you are doing great. Here is an exclusive article for you, Why now is the Right time to change to Kodi 18. Even after the official release of Kodi 18, most of the user prefers kodi 17 over it. If you are still using Kodi Krypton, we will share some of the latest updates of Kodi Leia and will share a solid reason why you should change to Kodi 18.

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The barrier to the change

It’s in our human psychology to resist change! Most of us are love to live and enjoy in our comfort Zone. We need a push to change our life or anything. In this case, Kodi 17 haven’t provided that push to its users. So most of them remain in the comfort of Kodi Krypton. And as a beta version, Kodi 18 has a lot of bugs. A lot of users had revert back to Kodi Krypton after using Leia for a while.

Now Leia Released its latest update after fixing all the major bugs by changing more than half a million code. Technically the new version includes 9000 new files and 10000 chunks of code have been changed. We can’t say every single problem had been resolved, but this is definitely the best version of Kodi 18.

Kodi 18 Leia New Features

Retro Gaming Support

The core feature for this update is gaming support. Now you can play all the retro games with the emulators and gamepads. This version of kodi supports most of the emulators, controllers and ROM. This is totally cool, now user can play lots of amazing games in non-gaming consoles. It also extended its support to joystick and gamepads. Now you can play all the games, in the exact way how it should be played.

DRM Decryption Support

In simple terms, you can call DRM as Digital rights management. Now you can watch all the subscription on Kodi itself. Since lots of users are switching to other means of secured streaming like Mobdro, it is the best way to retain its users. There are tons of official addons available for this purpose.

But personally, most users kodi for streaming free content. Who cares to access content via kodi, when they can access them directly. But this method does work well for Live TV subscriptions.

Music Library and Live TV Update

Kodi is not much of a music player. Previous, you can hear songs via kodi. Now you can do much more than that. It is providing support of RDS, Radio Data System. Its a base system for the working of Live TV. You can select this option on the startup screen. The PVR client setup is also improved a lot in this new version of Kodi.

Binary Addon Support

Have you ever thought why kodi PC Version is a heavy software and installing it might require considerably good configuration? It’s mainly because of this binary add-ons. These binary addons are Skins, Themes, Screensavers, PVR addons. All these addons are included in the installer package, so it consumes a lot of memory while executing. It may have a significant effect on performance.

Now Kodi separated both. The installer won’t have any of this binary addon. Kodi installer size had been reduced to half. And this allows you to run Kodi on a normal system. And definitely, there is an increase in the performance. All the removed files are added to the binary repository.  And you access them whenever you want.

Android Voice Control

It is the most unexpected of all the updates. Now Kodi can control kodi via voice command. And this works best for an Android TV. Now I don’t have to break my Remote! This voice integration is made possible via google assistant. It’s much similar to Google’s Voice Typing Process.

Playback Improvement

Buffering is one of the most annoying issues on kodi. And now its solved. Since the playback settings have been updated with the major change in the Kodi Architecture. This allows Kodi to stream all the 4K, 8K, HDR content with ease. Though you need to use a CODECs, depending on the format you are playing the content. All we need is, Kodi can play these content without any lag!

And this new update also has some minor changes like Keyboard layout, API calls functions, Scaling and few more. Hope the new updates are powerful enough to push you to change to Kodi 18. Hope this article is informative.

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