UFC 229 on Kodi – Watch Khabib Vs McGregor fight PPV online for free

Will Khabib defend his lightweight crown against McGregor? How will be the comeback of McGregor? Will he defeat the undefeated champion Khabib? These are the question comes to one’s mind as soon as they hear about UFC 229. Khabib vs McGregor UFC 229 match is going to be the biggest event of this year. Stay tuned to get amazed. With so many fans eagerly waiting for the events, the tickets are already sold out. If you haven’t bought yours, we got a special gift for you. No, that’s not a free giveaway of UFC 229 tickets! In this article, we will share some of the working methods to watch Khabib vs McGregor UFC 229 match on Kodi for free. 

In this article, we will be listing some of the Kodi add-ons which you can watch the match. We had tested all these add-ons with the previous match, UFC 228. And we will share the exact location/ folder where you can find the link to stream Khabib vs McGregor on Kodi. There are hundreds of live streaming, IPTV, and PPV addons. But NOT all the addons are working fine. So we had filtered the top five addons with which you can watch UFC 229 live on Kodi.

Before entering into the article, let’s see some general info about the match. The battle between “the eagle” and “the notorious” is scheduled on October 6, 2018, at T-Arena, Las Vegas, USA.  UFC 229 stands among the top fights in terms of fight passes sold in UFC history. Being one of the main events, the broadcast rights are distributed among various channels. Refer to the below table to find the channel with the broadcast rights in your country.

United StatesFox Sports 1
United KingdomBT Sports

How to watch UFC 229 McGregor vs Khabib Fight?

In this article, we will explain two different methods to watch McGregor vs Khabib Fight online.

  1. Watching legally by purchasing UFC fight pass at a discounted price.
  2. Watching on Kodi using the third party addons.

Let’s straight away proceed to the first method.

How to get UFC 229 PPV & Fight Pass on a discounted price – A secret trick

As we already know, most of the UFC matches are broadcasted on a PPV basis. Most of the users are searching for free streaming method due to the high cost of these matches. If you can’t afford such a high price for watching a single match, then don’t worry. Today we are going to share a trick by which you can get UFC PPV and fight pass at a discounted price. It is a secret trick, where we will be using the currency inflation to get the discount.

So here it goes! The UFC has fixed a flexible pricing depending upon the country. The price of UFC PPV and fight pass varies from one country to other. So we need to find a country where the pricing is lesser than in other countries.  Don’t worry! We had already done the research on your behalf.

If you are buying from Phillipines, you can get UFC PPV HD & Fight Pass at 57% discount

Yep! here is a little proof for you. If you are in the US or UK, the cost of the UFC fight pass is $91.96. Here we used IPVanish VPN to change our IP address to Philippines. And you can see the price difference in the images (just scroll down). The cost is reduced from 91.96$ to $39.92.

In order to connect to Philippines IP address, we need IPVanish VPN Service. We have two major benefits of using IPVanish! First one is the 57% discount on the UFC subscription. Second is that, by using a VPN we hide our streaming activity being tracked by the Government or ISP.

Quick Tip: IPVanish is indeed a paid subscription, but it’s definitely cost effective. Here is a small calculation. If you are about to purchase IPVanish 2 year plan (just 3.74$/mo), then you can get UFC Pass and PPV at discounted price for 2 years. If you want to watch only McGregor vs Khabib match, then try out the monthly subscription which costs only 10$.

PPV HD + Fight Pass + IPVanish (1 month) = 39.92$ + 10$ = 49.92$

PPV HD + Fight Pass at US= 91.96$

Savings = 91.96$ – 49.92$ = 42.04$

Is it not cost effective? 😉

What else are you thinking?! Just sign up for IPVanish from the link below.

Since currency conversion is involved, make sure to make the payment with PayPal while purchasing the UFC Fight Pass.

Image 1: Pricing in the United States

Image 2: Pricing of PPV HD in the Philippines currency Pesos and it’s US Dollar equivalent

Image 3: Pricing of PPV HD + 6 Months UFC Fight Pass in the Philippines currency Pesos and it’s US Dollar equivalent

This method is completely legal! You are just going to stream from the official site. In the next method, we will be using some third party application to watch McGregor vs Khabib UFC 229 fight.

Watch UFC 229 on Kodi using the third party addons

There are lots of add-ons to watch UFC on Kodi. Since UFC is a geo-restricted content, you need to use different UFC addons based on your country. Here we will provide a list of add-ons which worked for most of the countries.

And before proceeding, make sure to mask your IP Address using a VPN service like IPVanish. It will help you to access the geo-restricted content and helps you stream UFC 229 on Kodi. Adding to that, using VPN will also protect your streaming activity being tracked by your ISP and keeps you anonymous.

How to watch UFC 229 on Kodi with Planet MMA

In spite of having a lot of sports addon, Planet MMA will always be the best. Its been the best since ages. Previously it was known as UFC Finest. The contents are mind-blowing, it has 80% of the contents related to UFC. The contents are categorized based on the nature of sports and server.

This saves tons of time for the user. To watch UFC 229 on Kodi navigate to Fight Night Live > And choose UFC 229 Live stream link. We highly recommend checking this procedure before the main events.

In case if the above step is not working for you, you can also check out the streams in UFC Openload. This section contains the list of UFC related streams available in the Openload server. The streams in this section are not categorized. You need to search for the UFC 229 streaming link.

In some countries, streaming is illegal. So the ISP will block the streaming sites like openload, vidup and a lot more. You can either choose other servers or you can a use a VPN like IPVanish to remove all your restriction. This will allow you to access any of the streaming sites and keep your online activity anonymous.

Check out this guide for step by step installation procedure for Planet MMA Kodi addon. And to know more about its cool features.


How to watch McGregor vs Khabib UFC 229 on Kodi with Supremacy Sports addon

The master has developed their own addon! Supremacy repo is the host for most of the working sports add-ons. Recently supremacy had launched their own creation called “Supremacy sports addon”. It has the best features from all the other add-ons associated with supremacy repo. Its one of the very few add-ons which provide the content more than promised.

Though the categorization is good, the color scheme is not satisfactory. It’s difficult to navigate through the contents. To save the trouble of searching the content before the match, they have a special section for live Sports. Under this section, you can find all the live sports events scheduled on that day. Just select the streaming link of UFC229 and enjoy the show.

If the above method is not working for you, make sure to check the direct streaming link of the channel with broadcast rights. Refer to the above table to know the channel with broadcast right in your location. It has the direct streaming links of channels like BT sports, Fox Sports, and Acestream.

In addition to this, it has a separate list of UK TV and US TV. If you are from other countries, you can mask your IP using IPVanish VPN. And access all these contents. Check out the below guide for the installation procedure of Supremacy sports addon and to know about its amazing features.


How to watch Khabib vs McGregor on Kodi with White Devil Streams

White devil streams recently took the place of sportsdevil. Though sportsdevil Kodi addon is the pioneer in proving live streaming links, recently lots of errors are reported. More than 80% of the live sports add-ons use the sports devil framework to fetch and streams the content. So an add-on which does not use sports devil framework may be a better choice. This is where the white devil streams come into the play. Though it is an all-in-one addon, it has a great scraper to fetch the streaming links of the providers. Navigate to the live TV section and choose the streaming links of live sports channel from the list.

There is a lot of channels list available with this addon. Make sure to check out the channels with broadcasting rights from the above table. Some of these channels provide more than one streaming link. So if you are planning to watch the UFC 229 on BT Sports, Select “BT Sports 2”. Select Sky Sports main events if you are planning to watch the event via sky sports.

Make sure to check out the other contents of WDS.  The below guide contains the installation procedure of white devil streams Kodi addon with a detailed overview of its features.

Other add-ons to watch UFC 229 on Kodi

So far these are the tested addon to watch UFC 229 on Kodi. During our testing, all the add-ons work great. Since UFC is a geo-restricted content, it may not work for everyone. So here is the list of other add-ons to watch Khabib vs Mcgregor on Kodi.

  • Sports Devil
  • Sports Matrix
  • cCloud TV

Watch McGregor vs Khabib UFC 229 on firestick using Mobdro

Firestick is one of the most used streaming devices. There are lots of ways to watch McGregor vs Khabib UFC 229 on firestick. The best method is to install Mobdro. Mobdro is the best streaming app which rivals Kodi with its stunning performance. Since its a streaming application, you can’t directly install Mobdro on firestick. You need to sideload the mobdro application on your firestick. Follow the below steps to install mobdro on firestick.

  • Open Firestick Home screen and select settings.
  • Navigate to device > developer option > and enable apps from unknown sources.
  • Now install ES file explorer. Or you can also use downloader application.
  • Open the ES File Explorer or downloader application and enter the URL as https://www.mobdro.sc/mobdro.apk and download the apk file.
  • Once the download is complete, install it.
  • You can access the mobdro from the apps section on the home screen.
  • Now enjoy all the UFC matches on firestick.

After installing the mobdro application, navigate to channels section and select Sky sports main event stream or BT sports Stream. By using these streams you can watch UFC 229 on firestick.

You can also install Kodi on firestick and stream UFC 229 on Kodi. Refer this guide to install Kodi on firestick. For better results use the below-mentioned addons.

These are the available methods to watch Khabib vs McGregor UFC 229 on Kodi. Just only a few days to go. We are working on something like the best build to watch UFC. Hope it will be highly helpful. If you are facing any issue with the installation, do let us know via comments. And make sure to try these methods before match day, so that you can enjoy the match hassle free.

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