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As a kodi user we would have watched movies with the help of many kodi video addons. Exodus is one among the addon which is most popular among the kodi users. Whenever you click on a movie/ tv show or some other programs in exodus, it will take a few seconds to load. After that, it will list down a number of servers to watch the movie. If you have chosen thevideo or vidup, then would probably find a pop-up prompting for stream authentication. This is kind of annoying to the users. So in this article, we are about to share pair and pair stream authorization error fixing with two different methods.

Before we get into the error fixing, let’s understand why we such pop up comes.

What are pair and pair? and the are the sites streaming all the movies and tv shows for free. They have high end servers for hosting these videos. In order to protect those servers from crash, pairing is needed. pair and pair are two pages where one needs to pair their IP address to enjoy seamless streaming of movies and tv shows.

These errors are also referred by the following names like, the video me pair, thevideo me pair,, the, the video pair, thevideome, pair, vidup me pair, vidup pair, pair,, etc. You need not confuse with these. All refers to the same error.

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Is pair and pair safe to use?

Well, if the question is put on me, then I would say NO! Because we mainly use kodi for streaming some latest movies, tv shows, PPV videos and other copyrighted things. Streaming such issues are kind of violation. If someone caught us, then there are even chances of being behind the bars. I am not threatening, but for being on the safer side you can always use some of the best VPN services like IPVanish. By using IPVanish you can mask your IP and stream the movies anonymously from a different IP address.

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What is the need for stream authorization?

The servers which stream the movies will have a limited capacity to handle the users. Say for example if a server can handle 100k visitors at a time and if the visitor count exceeds beyond the limit, then it won’t support the new users. So when the server is available open for all, the server would not be sufficient to handle.

This is where the stream authorization comes into the picture. So when a stream authorization request is made, the user have to go their website and activate the stream for their IP address. Once it is activated, the server will stream to that ip for 4 hours. So I have given enough explanation.

So I have given enough explanation. Let’s see how to fix pair stream authorization issue first.

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How to fix pair stream authorization on kodi krypton 2017?

1.When you open a movie with exodus, you will find a pop-up similar to the one below. It will take a few seconds to load the servers.

2. In the below image you can find the list of servers listed by exodus. When you select THEVIDEO server a new window will pop-up.3. “ pair Stream Authorization” pop-up box will display the following message.

To play this video, authorization is required. Visit the link below to authorize the devices on your network: then click ‘Pair’

4. In order to fix it you have to go to this link. Here you will find the ip address of your connection and a captcha. You just need to solve the captcha.

NOTE: If you have IPVanish, then make sure you mask you IP with a different location before browsing the above link.

5. Once the captcha is solved, click Activate Streaming.6. Now you will find a green colored message saying your IP address has been authenticated for 4 hours.7. Now just return to the kodi. You will find the movie start to streaming.8. By this way you can solve pair kodi error.

Next let’s see the steps to fix pair kodi error.

How to fix kodi pair stream authorization issue on krypton 17?

1.From the list of servers if you choose VIDUP, then similar to you will find a pop-up.
2. pair Stream Authorization window will display the below message.

To play this video, authorization is required. Visit the link below to authorize the devices on your network: then click ‘Pair’

NOTE: If you have got IPVanish, then turn it first to mask the IP address and then proceed to next step.

3. Now you need to go to this link.4. Just verify the captcha as usual and choose Activate Streaming for authenticating Once done you can stream movies on your IP without any problem for 4 hours. Once the 4 hour gets exhausted you need to do these steps again.

Fixing Kodi pair and pair error with addon settings [2nd Method]

Here is another method to get rid of pair and pair error. So what you need to do is go to addons -> video add-ons and right click on Exodus. Now select the Settings option.

Now a fresh settings window will open. In that select Playback in the left column. Here you will find the option “Hosters with captchas“. You have to turn it off and click OK.
By turning off this option, when exodus lists out the hosts of movie, it will not include the hosters which require captchas. So you can enjoy watching movies without any problems. So there are the two methods which you can follow to get through pair or pair stream authorization kodi issues. If you face any issues even after this, then drop a comment below. We will be happy to help you out!


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