Phoenix kodi not working issues & How to fix guide? [Solved]

The Phoenix update for KODI is so exciting and impressed all of us. The latest release is a must have for making our KODI experience more fun in a streaming experience.

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This add-on got various features like Valhalla Section, HER Place, Phoenix new releases/ sports/ TV, TNPB, and many new trials. This add-on got many difficulties, and it might face functionality problems when using the Phoenix update.

Phoenix Kodi Addon Not working – What to do?

Please find the following options to get rid of the Phoenix Addon update issues:

Phoenix Addon Kodi Updated to Latest Version

The following things  can be done to fix the issues on phoneix kodi addon:

Update KODI to Fix Phoenix Addon Not Working Issue

We will face many problems if we are not updating the Phoenix. Ensure that you update it correctly and carefully for better functionality.

  • Open KODI
  • Navigate into system and then settings
  • Move into add-ons and then video add-ons.
  • Choose the option for Phoenix.
  • Select the Update key and continue the following steps.
  • It will take some more time depends on your network connection.
  • We need to wait for the update gets finished. It will notify you once the updating is done. Then you are ready to go.

URL RESOLVER updating – No Stream Error’s Fix

  • Navigate into system and then settings
  • Move into add-ons and then install from Zipping
  • Kindly follow the prompt as fusion and then am bc-scripts
  • Then navigate into
  • Finally, you can able to use the Phoenix add-on update functionality in a satisfactory manner once the procedure is completed.

Phoenix Addon Configuration – Working Phoenix

If you face compatibility options using updating feature, then you can use this option for getting rid of the issue. Select KODI and under my add-ons section in the system settings, kindly navigate to the options for videos.

For configuring, we can have the option to select Phoenix. To start the process, you can click the button. In the general tab, you should clear the cache and add-on menu for better operational service of the Phoenix update.

Renewed start – Solved

After updating these options, still, if you are facing the issues, then you need to loss all the settings and install the ad-on from the start.

Please open KODI and choose the system option.

In the file manager, open the add source section.

  • Type in the address and press done.
  • Before Clicking OK, Choose the name and enter fusion box in the below box.
  • Please return to the system add-on settings and open Install from Zipping file.

Choose fusion> start here>

  • Once completed the settings, now go to Program Add-ons and select the option for Fresh Start.
  • Kindly hold some time for the enabled option in the add-on and select done.

After doing these steps, you can now reboot the KODI. You can now reinstall the Phoenix update to know the good working condition.

Please reinstall the Phoenix update using the same procedure given as above.

To start the Kodi using Phoenix update from the fresh start:

  • Open Kodi
  • Select SYSTEM and then File Manager
  • Navigate into Add Source and then None
  • Enter the following EXACTLY as appeared in the address: and select Done
  • In the highlight box, Give a name for this media Source and then type fusion
  • Enter OK
  • Return to your Home Screen
  • Select SYSTEM and Add-Ons
  • Then select Install from zipping file
  • Choose fusion
  • Choose begin-here
  • Choose
  • Please hold some time for Add-on enabled notification
  • Return to home.
  • Choose PROGRAM and then Add-Ons
  • Choose Indigo
  • Choose Factory Restore – This will lose all the settings
  • Please hold some time for Add-on enabled notification
  • Enter Done
  • Now, you can reboot your KODI


Check your Internet Speed:

If you face issues with video buffer frequently in the higher quality videos, then we need to check Internet Service Provider regarding internet speed and their problems. We would need to verify whether the minimum speed is 10mbps, but 25-50mbps is preferred.  We need to check the speed test on the websites.

If the server is overloaded with too many peoples, it will cause issues on the recent update. Hence, home network connection is the biggest problem with this scenario.


Clear Sources & Cache in the Phoenix  Addon

In the settings or tools section sometimes, we can able to see Clear Sources and Clear Cache link.

For episodes and movies, clearing the cache sources or cache links needs to recheck the source next time. This will bring the new connections which we didn’t notice before and search real link is the best option. This will produce us to understand the actual relationship in future.

There is a problem with Phoenix Add-on update is “Unplayable Stream.” It might need to play, and we can’t access certain programs or videos.

Navigate to Google Play store

Please find the program called VPN Cloud (Free & Unlimited).

Install on your Android Tablet.

Try the particular you are searching.

It is worked.

The above steps will make us solve the issues.

Use VPN to fix all issues

It is highly recommended to use VPN for Kodi streaming in a private and public way. It will be able to fix all the issues that you face with phoenix kodi addon.

Some features are,

We can access every Kodi Addon in any geo-restrictions in all the add-ons to unlock the access. It will restrict the ISP blocks to open the access regarding restrictions and firewalls.

It will support multi-device to get rid of the device compatibility issues.

This will suits in the Android TV, Tablets, Mobile phones also. It gives complete privacy with ISP about the surfing things from end to end encryption.

There is No Logs and hence which does not collect any traffic in any websites. The privacy which helps us to get rid of the encryption things in a complete way.

The multi-device acceptance in this functionality will lead to making use of features on all the devices, and hence it is user-friendly.


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