How to Play Games on Kodi with the best kodi gaming addons

Kodi media player is not only used to stream Movies and TV shows. It also gives space to the users who love to play games. You can play your PC and Android games on Kodi. Or else, you can download and play games by using Kodi game addons also. But you need emulator rom sets to play all games. Here, we are going to discuss how to play games on Kodi by installing Internet Archive ROM Launcher (IARL). The IARL is a Kodi game addon. It launches games available on the Internet Archive using Retro Player, or an external emulator of your choice.

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How to install Internet Archive ROM Launcher and play games on kodi?

Here, we are going to see the steps to install Internet archive ROM launcher to play games on Kodi. So, follow the below steps carefully.

1.First, download Retro Arch file on your device.

2. Now, select “Windows” or select the required OS of your device.

3. Then, select x86 for 32 bit and x86_64 for a 64-bit system.

4. Now, select “RetroArch.7z” to download.

5. Now, the retro arch file will download on your device. After that, extract those files in a separate folder.

6. Then, open the extracted folder and select the retro arch icon from the list. 
7. Now, you’ve entered the Retro Arch page. Then, choose Online Updater from the Main Menu.¬†
8. Then, from the list of settings select Core Updater. 
9. Now, select Atari 7800 (Pro system) from the list. Then, It will download on your device. 
10. Now, download the zip file of Internet Archive Launcher on your device.

11. After that, launch the Kodi from your device.

12. Then, select Addons from the home page.

13. Now, select Package Installer icon from the addons page.

14. Then, select Install from zip from the repository page.

15. Now, browse to the folder to select the zip file which you downloaded before.

16. Then, select the zip file “”

17. Now, the addon starts installing on Kodi. So, wait for the notification.

18. Then, select install from repository from the same page of the repository.

19. Now, select Zach Morris addons from the list of repositories.

20. Then, select Video addons.

21. Now, select Internet Archive ROM Launcher.

22. Then, select Install to complete the installation.

23. Choose the version of Zach Morris.

24. Now, it starts installing on Kodi. So, wait for the notification.

Finally, the Internet Archive ROM launcher installed on your device and ready to use.
These are the steps to install Internet Archive Launcher on your device.

How to setup Internet Archive ROM Launcher & Play Games on kodi?

So far we have discussed the installation process of IARL. But now, we are going to see how to configure Internet archive ROM launcher after installing on your device to play games. So, let’s get into the discussion.

1. After installing Internet Archive ROM Launcher on Kodi. Then, go back to the addons page and select Video addons.

2. Then, place the cursor on Internet Archive ROM Launcher.

3. After that, right click on the mouse and select Settings option.

4. Now, go to External Launchers and select My System Type option.

5. Then, select the type as Windows.

6. Then, choose “Retro Arch app location” option and browse to the retro arch location.

7. Now, go to Setup Wizard and select the option called “Set me up for.”

8. Then, choose “Balanced.”

9. After that, enter into the ROM Launcher and go to Atari 7800.

10. Now, do right click on a mouse and select Update Download Path.

11. Then, select Default and repeat this steps for Update launcher also.

12. Now, enter into the Update Ext Launcher command option.

13. Then, scroll down and select Retro Arch Pro system(Atari 7800) from the list.

14. Finally, you entered into the game world. So, choose any game as per your wish.
15. Then, select Launch to play the game.
games on kodi

These are the steps to play games and configure the Internet Archive ROM launcher on Kodi.

Popular kodi game addons

Under this topic, we are going to list out some popular Kodi game addons to play games on your device.

Advanced Launcher

The advanced launcher is one of the best Kodi gaming addons of 2017. It can attract any external application of Kodi. By using this addon, you can launch and play all the possible PC games directly from your media center. This advanced launcher addon is available on official Kodi repository.

Free ROMs Downloader

Free ROMs downloader is the one-stop solution to browse and download lots of Retro games from your media centre. With this kodi game addons, you can play games on kodi without using separate PC to download. Just browse through the retro games library, select the one you want, and downloader will pull them on to your system with a separate directory. You can play this addon in Advance launcher (or) ROM collection browser.This addon is user-friendly & free of cost.


Kodi blackjack is a great time killer and very addictive. In this kodi game addon, place your bids on each round and see how much you can make. This Kodi game addon is available in the super repo.


The steam launcher is a Kodi game addon. It is a biggest online pc game retailer. It is used to open steam in big picture mode. By using this addon, you can launch and play all pc titles in Kodi. The steam launcher is available in official Kodi repository.

These are some lists of famous addons to play games on kodi. Enjoy gaming to the core!

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