Ares wizard kodi 17 zip download & install + fix not working error

We would have used a number of kodi addons and builds right? Installing these addons one by one will be a long process. Also we would need to download the zip file of the kodi repositories. What if we have a single wizard, with which you can install all your favorite kodi addons and builds with a single click? Sounds cool right? Of course yes! Ares wizard is going to satisfy all your needs. With ares wizard one can install the top kodi addons and builds with a single click. But wait! It’s not over. You can also maintain the system and even take back ups of the important data. So are you interested in installing areswizard on kodi? I hope yes! In this article I have explained “how to download, install and use ares wizard”. Some of the ideas to fix ares wizard not working errors are also discussed at last.

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NOTE: Ares Wizard is currently not available. As an alternative for Ares wizard you can install Looking Glass Wizard.

How to install ares wizard on kodi krypton 17.1?

There are many methods to install a kodi wizard or addon. In this post, we will explain how to install ares wizard by downloading zip file. Believe me, this is the most simple and easy way to install ares wizard on kodi. For the easy understanding of our users, we are providing a step by step installation procedure with pictures.

1. Go to the homepage of Krypton kodi and select Settings button.

2. Next, choose file manager from the list of options available.

3. In the file manager window, click on Add source.

4. Now you will find a pop-up window. In that double click on <None>.

5. Now just enter the ares wizard url “” and click OK. This is the location from which the ares wizard zip file will be downloaded.

6. Next enter a file name for this media source. For example I have entered ares. You may provide any name for future reference.

7. On clicking OK you will find the ares folder appearing in the file manager.

8. The next work is to install the downloaded zip file. For that, get back to kodi homepage and choose Add-ons

9. Click the icon shown inthe below image.

Steps to install Ares Wizard Zip file

10. In the next step choose “Install from zip file“. 

10. Then a new pop-up window will appear. From the list of zip file choose “ares“. As I have entered magic as the file name I am choosing it. If you have provided some other name then select accordingly.

11. Clicking on that folder another subfolder named “repository.aresproject” will open. Select it.

12. Then another subfolder named “” will show up. Clicking on that will install the ares wizard zip file. 

13. So far, we have downloaded and installed ares wizard zip file.

Steps to install ares wizard repo

14. After installing the zip file, it’s necessary to install the ares wizard repo to complete the full installation process. To do so, click on the icon again.

15. Choose install from repository.

16. Now you would find 4 different option. From that select Ares Project.

17. In the next step, choose Program add-ons.

18. Finally select Ares Wizard.

19. It’s almost over now. Just click on Install button to complete the installation process. 

20. Clicking on install will download some of the files necessary for installation. Don’t worry it’s a very small file. Typically gets downloaded in few seconds. 

21. Now you will find a notification about the completion of installation. 

22. You can find Ares wizard under Addons -> Program addons. Now select ares wizard and Open it. 

23. When you open it for the first time, it will take a few minutes to download, extract and install necessary files. The homepage of ares wizard will look like the one in the below image. 

You have successfully installed ares wizard on kodi krypton 17.1.

So you are done with the installation of ares wizard. What next?
Let’s now see how to use it!

How to use ares wizard?

Basically ares wizard is like a portal to install various other kodi addons and buids. With this single wizard you will be able to install and manage some cool builds, addons. Also you can maintain the system, take back up and much more.

Let me know explain how to install Arestube kodi addon with areswizard.

How to install Arestube kodi addons with areswizard?

1.Open areswizard and select “Browse Addons” from the above menu.

2. Then click on Video addons.

3. From the list of video addons, click on “AresTube“. Then click on install button. 4. It will take a few minutes to download and install the Arestube addon. 

5. You may find the arestube kodi addon under Add-ons -> Video add-ons.

6. You have successfully installed arestube on kodi with areswizard.

Likewise, you can install other kodi addons with ares wizard.

How to install kodi builds wih ares wizard

With areswizard we can even install kodi builds. For the sake of example, here I am going to install Apollo kodi build with ares wizard.

To do so, select Browse Builds from the above menu.

For installing kodi builds you would need a PIN number. Don’t worry it’s free. Tap on Get Pin. It will open up browser and show the pin number.  

For me, the Pin number was 2765.

Now get back to kodi and enter the Pin number which you have got! 

Then click Install button to complete Appolo Build installation process. 

Once you click on proceed, it will download the files for your build.

So, hope you got a clear idea about how to use ares wizard!

Ares Wizard not working error fix

There are few people who were complaining about some ares wizard not working issues. So I am going to list out some of the possible methods to fix these errors.

The possible reason for facing such errors could be due to some shitty addons or cache problems or errors with some kodi builds.
In order to fix it, I would suggest you do any of the followings!

install ares wizard kodi

  • Another possible fix is by uninstalling the unwanted kodi addons and builds. You just need to select the kodi add-ons which you don’t use often and click on uninstall.
  • If you are facing some issues with streaming any TV programs or channels, then we strongly recommend you to use ipvanish VPN for kodi. Using this VPN will help you to unlock geo targetted content and stream your favorite programs in full HD without any buffering.

If you are still facing any ares wizard errors then feel free to comment down below 🙂

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