Kissanime kodi 2020 – How to install kissanime on Kodi {2 methods}

In this article we will discuss about the Kissanime Kodi addon and a detailed review of it!

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Kissanime is one of the best anime addon for Kodi to watch all animation movies, animation serials and animated dramas in high quality or HD. Watching animation videos on Kodi is easy with the help of KissAnime Kodi video add-on. Among many Kodi add-ons, it suggests good videos from your interest. The KissAnime kodi video add-on is developed and maintained by “HIGHWAY99”, the same group as Kiss Cartoon and KissAsian.The source for all videos on KissAnime Kodi video add-on is available at “” website where we could be able to watch most attractive videos and dramas through KissAnime add-on.  

KissAnime Kodi video add-on can be easily installed from “SuperRepo repository “which contains over 2,200 Kodi add-ons freely.



Installing the SuperRepo repository add-on in Kodi or XMBC offers free access to videos over 2,000 add-ons for free. On top of the SuperRepo add-on, it enables us to browse the add-ons which we like on the website and can install them at once. Now we can watch the video by scrolling down for a step by step narration. SuperRepo add-on is an unofficial index for add-ons which are compatible with kodi/XMBC. But it makes add-ons easy to download within Kodi.

The unofficial add-ons provided by SuperRepo repository would receive no support from official Kodi channels including kodi and various networks. SuperRepo would not maintain KissAnime.we provide an automated index for Kodi users to access KissAnime and other add-ons.



There are two methods to install KissAnime Kodi video add-on. First one is from SuperRepo repository method which takes a long process to complete. For this process, we should install SuperRepo first.While the other one is the zip file which can be done manually.


To start the process, we should refresh the data to proceed without any interruption.


  1. First Open Kodi/XMBC software. Kodi home screen would appear. The home screen of the Kodi software looks as shown below. In the main screen, we have many titles like videos, audios, music, programs, system etc. Select the main title “SYSTEM”
  2. Under the “System”, we have subtitles such as settings, file manager, profiles, and system info. But we need to select” FILE MANAGER”
  3. After the “File manager” got opened, there are two dialog boxes A and B which has profile dictionary and add source. Select “ADD SOURCE” in dialog “A” box. 
  4. In “Add files source” pop up window, click ”NONE” box. The “none” indicates to open up the keyboard. 
  5. Immediately another dialog box will open and ask us to “Enter the paths or browse for the media locations”. Just enter the following URL exactly as done, click “DONE” button. 
  6. Once we give the path name and done the process, it shows the path name which is a link we have given. Under the link, there is one more work to do that is “Enter a name for this media source”. In that type the name as “Super Repo” in the space provided. Just click “DONE”
  7. After done, Go back to home screen.The Kodi main screen will open.Again we should select the main title System. Below the SYSTEM, there are subtitles comprise of settings, file manager, profiles, and system info.This time we should select”SETTINGS” subtitle. 
  8. In the Settings subtitle, we could see a window called change your settings. Select “ADD-ONS” in the left side of the window. 
  9. In ADD-ONS window, there are various options include my add-ons, Install from the repository, Install from the zip file, search, and system. Select “INSTALL FROM ZIP FILE” at the left side. 
  10. From the list of files shown, find and select “SUPER REPO” file. At the right side of the window, we could see a book like structure called zip files. 
  11. Select your Kodi version whether Helix? Or Isengard? Or Jarvis. Select “Jarvis” folder. Select categories and “Video” if you want to install only video add-on repository. If you want to install all add-on, select “all”. 
  12. Select the link as shown in the diagram”” where Jarvis is the Kodi version whereas 07.04 is the file version and click “OK.” Wait for the enabled notification. Now Kodi add-on repository installed completely. 
  13. Go back to Kodi home screen and the main title “VIDEOS”. Then click subtitle “ADD-ONS.” 
  14. Scroll the cursor and click “Get more” option. 
  15. List of video add-ons gets displayed. Navigate the cursor to choose the video add-on called “KISSANIME”. Click the video add-on to get enabled. 
  16. After enabled, the kodi video add-on, KissAnime would get downloaded. 
  17. At last select “INSTALL” once the download is completed. This is the KissAnime video add-on on Kodi. 
  18. These are the list of options which KissAnime add-on offers. We can search the option whatever we would like to watch.



If we have any issue installing KissAnime from Super Repo repository, we can try manually installing from the zip file.

Follow the steps of method 1 from “STEP 7 TO STEP 10”.

  1. Open Kodi application. Go to “SYSTEM”, select “SETTINGS”. Select “ADD-ONS” and “INSTALL FROM ZIP FILE”.
  2. Wait until you would see the enabled notification.
  4. Select the repository which you have installed.
  5. Select “VIDEO ADD-ONS” and click “INSTALL”.
  6. Wait for enable notification.
  7. Go back to Kodi home screen, select “VIDEOS”, click subtitle “ADD-ONS”. There we found new video add-ons installed.


Though popular Animes such as Crunchy roll, Funimation, Naruto get are available but not nearly as much as KissAnime. It stands as the undisputed choice for its fine-tuned menu and excellent maintenance. KissAnime is one of the few anime Kodi video add-ons that give options for subbed and dubbed anime. Overall, we could find animes by searching for shows, movies, series, and videos.

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