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Kodi no limit magic build is one of the top best Kodi builds. It is very easy to customize. No limit magic build has a lot of features and it one of the most powerful build available. No limits magic build has almost every section from movies, TV shows, tools, her place, UK Turks, live TV, and more. It contains top live TV IPTV add-on. It includes all the attractive add-ons such as Exodus, Phoenix, and more. It is based on the Aeon Nox 5: Silverskin. We can add or remove any add-ons. Besides we will get instant access on any device such as Android Boxes, FireStick, Fire TV Stick, iOS, Windows, Linux and very easy to install. Some of the features of no limit magic build Kodi are,

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Features of no limits magic build

  • It has a ton of great contents with all top Kodi addons
  • Powerful and fully featured Kodi build
  • Easy to install with step by step process
  • Easy to navigate
  • Has full video review
  • No PIN numbers required for easy setup
  • Includes special holiday Xmas section

How to install no limits magic build for Kodi?

Here we are going to show the Kodi no limits magic build download and installation processes of no limits build on Kodi which is one of the best builds designed for Kodi or XMBC. It is one of the best Kodi builds you can use it for entertaining yourself and the people around you through live TV shows.

Before opening, start the work routine by refreshing data. Refresh would make the installation process very smooth without interruption.

STEP 1: In the step1, first, open the Kodi or XMBC software the home screen of the Kodi software looks as shown below. In the main screen, we have many titles like videos, audios, music, programs, system, etc. Select the title “SYSTEM.” install kodi no limits build

STEP 2: Under the system, we have subtitles such as settings, file manager, profiles, and system info. But we need to select “FILE MANAGER.” no limits for kodi

STEP 3: Clicking on the File Manager, it will open up the page as shown above. In this page, you have to go to the option called “ADD SOURCE” and click on it. kodi no limits build

 STEP 4: After you click the Add source, the dialog box called Add Files Source will get open. Just click “NONE” at the top left corner of Add source files box. Immediately another dialog box will open and ask us to “Enter the paths or browse for the media locations.” 

STEP 5: After you click on that space with none, it will open up a box with Virtual Keyboard further. In that, you have to type the media location link. You have to just enter the link [if that didn’t work enter this:] in the space provided. After you enter the link, click the “DONE” button at the bottom of the window. 

STEP 6: Once we gave the path name and done the process, it shows the path name which is a link whatever we have given and also options like browse, to access or browse the given link and adds, to add different links and also remove tabs, to remove or delete the given link. Under the link, there is one more work to do that is “Enter a name for this media source.” In that type the name as “No Limits” in the space provided. Click “OK.” 

STEP 7: After we click ok, the Kodi main screen will open.Again we should select the main title”SYSTEM.”Below the SYSTEM, there are subtitles comprise of settings, file manager, profiles, and system info.This time we should select SETTINGS subtitle 

STEP 8: In the SETTINGS, we have a dialog box called “Change your settings.” There will be many options like video, Live TV, music, pictures, weather, Add-ons, services, and system. Click “ADD-ONS” button. 

STEP 9: ADD-ONS box will open. There are various options include my add-ons, Install from the repository, Install from the zip file, search, and system. Select “INSTALL FROM ZIPPING FILE” at the left side. In the right side, we can see a book like structure called zip files. 

STEP 10: When we double click the zip file, you can see the list of media source files. Select “No Limits” media source file which you have given. Other than that many files are available. Click that particular media source zip file. 

STEP 11: Once you click the media source file, there is a list of folders available such as add-ons, apps, builds, repos, and more. Find the media file source which you have given. Here we gave No Limits as the name if the source file. So click that particular file name. 

 STEP 12: After you select the media source file, the particular build will get open. Since Kodi, no limit magic is one of the top builds that come under builds section. Video zip file got placed under the builds folder. Select the “plugin video.No limits” It will download the add-on and install it. In the bottom right of the screen, you can see the popup, No Limits wizard “Add-on installed.” 

 STEP 13: Go to the Kodi or XMBC software, the home screen of the Kodi software. In the main screen, we have many titles like videos, audios, music, programs, system, etc. Select the title “PROGRAMS.” 

STEP14: Go to “No limits wizard.” 

STEP 15: After you got selected the No Limits wizard, there will be showing some no limit magic builds such as no limits magic adult, no limits magic no ad, no limits fire stick, and more builds to install. Select the build, the plugin video no limits wizard will get the download. 

STEP 16: Kodi no limit magic build download is completed. Click “OK.” 

STEP 17: After the add-on, no limits magic build on Kodi installed, it asks to close Kodi. Click “YES, CLOSE.” 

STEP 18: It asks to close the Kodi because to get add-ons and shortcuts updated successfully. 

STEP 19: The below picture is the Kodi no limits magic build’s home page. Here it shows that the add-on got updated. 

The above steps are the detailed steps which you need to be followed for installing the no limits magic build on Kodi. Keep following our site and enjoy your experience with kodi.


If you are left with any issues regarding the installation of kodi no limits magic build, then feel free to drop a comment.

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