Kodi not working on firestick – Lets fix it with 3 methods [updated 2020]

Kodi is one of the must have app that every firestick users should use. Firestick acts as a medium to install and use kodi on TV. Even if we install kodi on firestick properly, at times kodi is not working on firestick. The most common problem behind Kodi not working on firestick is due to the following reasons.

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  1. Kodi team has released an update to the latest version. In this case, you need to update kodi on firestick to resolve the issue
  2. Kodi is not properly installed on firestick
  3. Cache problems
  4. Using too many apps on firestick and dumping the data

So in this article, we have shared all the possible ways to fix “Kodi not working on firestick” issue.


  • Before getting into the fixing method there are few things to be done.
  • Check if all other applications on your firestick are working.
  • Check if you have the internet connectivity with a fair speed.
  • Check if your device is connected to a VPN. Some of the addons in kodi are geo restricted and apart from that your service provider blocks your IP for streaming movies or tv shows. So we strongly recommend using a VPN like IPVanish to enjoy seamless streaming by staying anonymous.

If you are still facing issues with kodi then follow the methods shared below.

How to fix Kodi not working on firestick issue?

Method 1: Clearing kodi cache

One of the main reason for kodi not working on firestick is because of cache. A huge amount of cache is piled up by the kodi application at the time of boot. So, let us see how could we eliminate this redundancy.

From the Firestick tv home page, go to settings.

Then click on Application. From there select Manage Installed Application.

Navigate to the Kodi app. Click on Kodi.

Force stop Kodi and clear cache.

Wait for a few minutes and open Kodi again. Now it must work fine.

Method 2: Clearing dump data

If the above method does not fix your problem, then the following steps would help.

From the Fire stick tv home page, go to settings.

Then click on Application. From there select Manage Installed Application.

Navigate to the Kodi app. Click on Kodi.

Check the amount of space occupied by Kodi. If it is more than 1Gb, then the fire stick could not manage the application properly.

So you have to clear the data stored by your Kodi app. This will erase all the data and addons you have saved. So handle it will care.

Wait for a few minutes and open Kodi again. Now kodi must work fine. The Kodi will start booting from the first.

Fix 3: Reinstalling kodi on firestick

If the above methods did not work, then try doing this. The problem must be something different. So its better to uninstall and reinstall Kodi. If you are not sure about “How to uninstall and reinstall Kodi on firestick” then follow the steps provided below.

From the Firestick tv homepage, go to settings.

Then click on Application. From there select Manage Installed Application.

Navigate to the Kodi app. Click on Kodi.

This will provide a list of options. You can find the uninstall button at the bottom. Click on it.

This will remove the application from your device.

Now try to install Kodi again. Check if you are installing the latest version of Kodi. Sometimes the old version may not work.

Other reasons for kodi not working on firestick?

1.Sometimes due to over usage, the firestick may get heated up. This may cause the fire stick to malfunction. So it is necessary that it should be cooled down to run smoothly. You can also set up a fan facing the fire stick to cool it such that it works properly.

2.Other causes that lead to crashing Kodi are the poor network connection. Watching movies and Tv shows on Kodi consume a lot of bandwidth. If the network connection is slow or poor, Kodi may not work properly and will force shut. This, on the other hand, may slow down your system too. So kindly make sure that the fire stick is receiving the maximum signal strength from your router. Move your router near to your device, this will fix the problem of poor signal strength.

3.Due to a large usage of bandwidth, sometimes your activity will be tracked. Because of this, you could not access some of the addons. In such cases, Kodi will not function properly and will keep on popping up an error. In such cases, it is better to use a VPN. Using VPN will hide your activity, and also you can use your bandwidth to full. Sometimes the service provider would have blocked your IP for over usage. So it is better to use a VPN like IPVanish.

Do comment below if you still face “Kodi not working on firestick” problem.

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