Kodil Repo is not down! We got an alternative way to install it!

Kodi is indeed the best streaming software. Without addons, kodi is a simple media player. Most of the addons work on the basis of a certain framework. And all the framework and base files are located in the repository. In simple terms, the repository is much more important than the addons. Its a real pain in the ass if some of the best repos go down. A few months back, due to copyright infringement, lots of repos and addons were shut down. Ares repository was one of them. The shutdown of ares repo affected millions of users. During those tough times, kodil repository acted as the best replacement for ares loss. Because Kodil repo hosts most of the popular addons. From that day, its one of the top repository among kodi community.

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Is Kodil Repo Down?!

Since the past few days, kodil repo is not working. We received a lot of request from our users. At first, we thought it was a server issue. And after a couple of days, it was confirmed that kodil repo is down. After some research, we found that the zip file installation method is still working. And to be on safer side, we also listed some of the alternate repositories.  And it been really hard to find its replacement. Because a lot of repo doesn’t provide different categories of addons as provided by kodil repo. So we have three alternate repositories for kodil repos. Each of these three repos has their own categories. Depending on your needs, you may install any of the following repo. Hope this repo will fix the loss of kodil repo.

Before moving to the alternate repo, let’s proceed to the zip file installation method of kodil repository. In most of the cases, it will work. If you are still facing issue, you can use alternate repo.

Kodil Repo ZIP File Installation Method

  • Download the zip file from the below link
  • Open your kodi, select addons from the left pane.
  • Select package installer icon(Unzipper icon at the top).
  • Select install from zip file.
  • Select the location of the Zip file.
  • Wait for few seconds, the repo will be installed. And you will be notified.
  • Now Select install from repository.
  • Select kodil repo.
  • Select any of the categories and install your favorite addons.

Top 3 Alternatives for Kodil Repo

1.Blamo repository

Most of us using kodi for streaming movies and TV shows. If that is the case, we knew exodus is the king of streaming such contents. Mr.Blamo is the creator of the exodus. Blamo repo has lots of other great addons in addition to the exodus. Neptune rising and placenta are other popular kodi addons from Blamo repository. If you re using kodi for streaming only movies and TV shows, them Blamo repository will be the best replacement for kodi.

Repo URL: http://repo.mrblamo.xyz/

2.Supremacy Repository

If you are a sports enthusiasts and using kodi for watching sports highlights or live streaming sports, then supremacy will fill the void made by the kodil repository. Supremacy repo is known for its sports contents. It also has a supremacy sports addon for live streaming your favorite sports. It also has some other addons which you may find useful. Follow the below guide to install supremacy repository.

Repo URL: http://supremacy.org.uk/zip/repo/

3.Super Repo

Actually, the super repo is one of the pioneer repositories in kodi community. It’s database is the largest. And it’s not a replacement for kodil repo. But most of the addons previously hosted at kodil are also located at the super repository. So it may be a much better choice to have super repo. If you are using kodi for watching anime, this will be a better choice. Watch cartoon online is one of the best kodi addons to watch anime and cartoon. And the contents are well organized and updated regularly. You can follow the below guide to install super repo followed by watch cartoon online kodi addon.

Repo URL: http://srp.nu/


This is a warning to the kodi community. For the past few months kodi community is facing lots of issues. First, ares repo shutdown. Now kodil repo, You must upgrade yourself. So we don’t need to depend on the repository or addons for streaming your favorite contents. If you are using default kodi, then you need the help of addons to stream the contents. We highly suggest trying a kodi build. The working concept of kodi build is entirely different. Kodi builds are developed as a hobby. And all the base files and addon files are integrated into the build. This gives kodi build a cutting edge to access the contents via URL Resolver at the hosted location. Kodi repository doesn’t host any of the contents. It only has the script files and support files to access the contents. So if you are having these files, you can directly access the contents. This is the reason why zip file installation method worked when the repository URL is down. So start using kodi build from now on.

Hope this article is informative and helpful. If you face any other issue, do let us now. We would be glad to solve your issue.

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