10 Best Kodi Live TV Addons to watch US, UK and other Channels

As we all know that Kodi is prominently used for movies and TV shows. Some people may use Kodi to watch Live TV shows. Most of the times we wonder which is the best live TV addon. Since most of the best Kodi live TV addons are 3rd party addons, they can be suspended without any warning. Recently Colossus and ares repo were shutdowns without any warning. So we must keep our knowledge updated. Some of the Live TV addons are not working properly. So we handpicked 10 Best Kodi live TV addons.

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Best Kodi Live TV Addons

1.PAC 12 pro

PAC 12 Pro is a brand new addon to watch Live TV and Sports. It is available via Vinh repository which you can install through the noobs and nerds repository. This is one of the best Kodi addon to watch Live Tv and it is one of the best addon I have used so far. Moving on to the contents, PAC 12 supports Tv channels from USA, UK, Vietnam and around the world. It also has separate sections for Music, Sports PPV, Kids channels, NEWS channels and much more. This addon is totally different from its counterparts in terms of functionality and streaming. You can find almost every channel with this addon and every one of them can be streamed without any restriction, unlike other addons. Adding further it also lets you watch PPV events happening across USA and UK. As for concerning the best addon to watch Live tv, PAC 12 Pro will be the go-to get addon.

Repo name: Noobs and Nerds Repository (Vinh Repo)
Repo URL: http://noobsandnerds.com/portal/

2.Goodfellas 2.0

Goodfellas 2.0 is an all-rounder addon which entertains you in every possible way. Goodfellas 2.0 is one of the oldest Kodi live TV addons. Still, it is updated constantly and working properly. There are several sections in this addon in addition to Live Tv and sports such as Movies, music, Tv shows, News, Documentary, Audiobooks and much more. It streams Live Tv channels from UK, USA and Canada. All you have to do is choose your region and start watching your favorite channel. Although, some of the channel streams doesn’t work, you must know that there are several security threats imposed by the vendors, so the streams may go down at times. To prevent this you may VPN to surf anonymously and you can access all geo-restricted contents. As of now, it is one of the best addons that is up-to-date and working fine compared to other addons.

Repo name: Goodfellas repository
Repo URL: http://www.goodfellasteam.com/Repository


Mobdina, this name may sound new to some of the Kodi users. Mobdina is an all-rounder addon which can be used to watch Tv channels, movies, Tv shows and much more. This addon provides almost all the English channels of UK and USA region. When you enter the addon, you can find several categories of Live Tv, sports, movies, music, cartoons, stand-up comedies, documentaries and much more sections. One of the good thing about this addon is every stream works fine with this addon, most of the dead streams are removed automatically.

Repo name: Play On Monkeys
Repo URL: http://playonmonkeys.com/repo/

4.CCloud Tv

Kodil Repo URL is not working. You can follow the zip installation procedure from the below guide. 

cCloud Tv is a live streaming plugin and also an IPTV addon which can be used to watch Live Tv. The streaming is actually based on IPTV protocol. Moving to the contents, cCloud Tv has various sections like English, International, Entertainment, Kids, Documentary, Movies, Music, News, Sports, Top 10 channels, Tv shows and much more. The streaming links are updated time to time. This addon does contain a separate section for UK live Tv channels under FilmOn section.

Repo Name: Kodi Israel (Kodil)
URL: http://kdil.co/repo/


Quantum, formerly known as Sanctuary is one of the best addon to watch Live Tv and sports. The addon initially called sanctuary has served the purpose of watching Live Tv, Sports, Movies, TV shows and much more. But due to the severe actions taken by various multimedia firms, this addon went down. Now it has resurrected again by the name Quantum. This addon has separate sections for USA, UK, World News and much more. This addon has also links to other such addons having access to Live Tv channels. So, it is like using the benefits of 3 or 4 addons in a single addon itself.

Repo Name: Sanctuary
URL: http://sanctuaryrepo.esy.es/sanc/

6.UK Turk Playlist

UK Turk Playlist is another important addon. Though the name implicates UK and Turkish it also hosts some of the international channels. Under Live TV  section, you can find a lot of UK and International channels. In addition to this, this addon has also other contents like Sports, Movies, Tv shows, Documentary, Cartoons, Kids channels, Radio, Turkish Tv and much more. If you are from the UK then you can try this addon to watch your local channels. If you are not from UK, you can use VPN to change your IP address to UK IP address. And you can enjoy the show.

Repo name: Cerebro TV Repository
Repo URL: http://repo.cerebrotv.co.uk/

7.Rising Tides

This addon made the top 10 list recently. But the number of channels rendered by this addon is damn high. This addon has various categories like Country channels, Sports channels based on the regions, Acestream supported channels and a lot of IPTV channels. One of the interesting things to note is all the streaming links are working and the buffering time is less compared to other addons. Under the country section, you can find various countries across the world. So, this will be another must try addon, when a LIve Tv addon comes to your mind.

Repo name: Mullafabz (Rising Tides)
Repo URL: http://mullafabz.net.rw/Repository

8.USTV Now Plus

USTV Now is a streaming service available especially for US citizens. Through this addon you can access all the US Tv channels. But this service is a monthly paid subscription service. USTVNOW is a popular Tv for US military and US citizens abroad. USTVNOW is the popular application for streaming US Tv channels especially for the US citizens who live in other countries. It is available as USTVNOW Kodi addon too. Superrepo provides this awesome USTVNOW Kodi addon. Remember that in order to use this addon, you must have a USTV now account. You can almost all US Tv channels and some of the other regional channels with this addon. One of the main advantages of using such addon is reliability. You can watch HD and UHD channels without any buffering issues too.

Repo name: Kodil Repo
Repo URL: http://kdil.co/repo/

 9.Ultra IPTV

Ultra IPTV is another popular addon to watch Live Tv channels. This addon is an IPTV oriented addon. It supports many regional channels from various countries including US and UK. This addon is almost similar to cCloud Tv which we have discussed earlier. This type of addons has it’s both sides. Sometimes the addon may work properly that is the streaming links are constantly updated and can be streamed without any interruptions, once the link is expired we may not know how long it will take for the new link to be updated.

Repo name: Cazlo Repo)
Repo URL: http://cazlo.com/repo/


Adryanlist is also a powerful addon packed with a lot of stuff. It has a separate section for Football and LaLiga events. This addon nonetheless other addons provides services through IPTV, Torrents, Acestreams and Live telecast too. It also has the separate sections for movies, Tv shows and various other categories. you can find all the US and UK Tv channels in this addon. This addon does provide content mainly for Brazil and Mexican people. But it also has other regional contents too. Adryanlist addon also provides a lot of Tv channels and streams live Sports too.

Repo name: Adryan Repo
Repo URL:http://gruponetai.com/adryanlist/

These are some of the best kodi live tv addons which you must try on your device.

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